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PROS: Can be put to a good use. Very quality made. CONS: Severely overpriced.

Kii 1Ever since Apple introduced its iPhone 5 to the market, 3rd party manufacturers were trying to create accessories which contain newly released Lightning cable. It took some time until these cables were ready for use, so most manufacturers tried to offer iPhone 5-ready accessories which include a hole or a missing space for the Lighting cable, so that an iPhone user can use its own cables. It took some time until this technology became available to anyone else outside Apple, and since the newest generation of iOS devices all use the Lightning port, demand for those cables is constantly increasing.

Bluelounge is a well-known company which brought numerous charging and docking stations, which were very popular in the iOS community. As it turns out, Bluelounge now offers a new keychain-sized Lightning cable called Kii, which can be very functional and put to good use. This product is priced at $40, which does seem a bit expensive, so I was very eager to see if this product offers something new and if it’s worth its price.

Once you buy your own Bluelounge Kii, you’ll receive this product as a 4-piece system. This means that you’ll receive three parts, of which one is the Lightning cable in disguise, and there’s also a silver keyring, since this product is meant to hold your other keys and to be completely portable. You can choose from black and white versions, which are designed to fit black or white iOS devices. You should also know that if you opt for black version, all the elements are going to be completely black. On the other hand, white-colored Kii combines white, silver, and grey tones.

Kii 2

As you can see from the pictures, the main piece of Kii contains well-known Lightning plug, and this is where the Lightning cable is hidden. You’ll also receive a wide metal top piece which can be used as a cap for the main piece, and which also comes with a hole made for the keyring. This system actually creates one the shortest Lighting to USB cables that you can find at the moment, so I assume that it can be used the best with netbooks and notebooks as well.

This is one of those accessories which are simply good to have around, since Kii completely replaces the Lightning cable. You can use it to easily connect it with your computer, and actually saves you a lot of time if you need to connect several iOS devices to a number of computers at your workplace or home. As you can probably assume, Kii can be used with the latest generation iPhone, iPod, and iPad as well.

There’s no question if Kii can be useful, but the main concern is its price. It’s interesting to note that Bluelounge explained this price by Apple’s high fees for Lightning connectors, but even this shouldn’t raise the final price this much. The truth is that you can find similar products for approximately $20, which is 50% less than Kii’s price of $40.


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