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PROS: Beautiful interface. Interesting animations. Can be very useful. CONS: Needs accessing your contacts in order to work. Some performance issues. Pretty basic at this point.

Cal 2I was never a fan of Apple’s iOS Calendar App, and I am still surprised how little this app changed over the past few years. With every new iOS version, I hoped for a revamped calendar app, but it seems that Apple made its mind that the current state of this part of iOS is in good condition. Sure, there are numerous calendar apps in the App Store, but I don’t like having multiple calendars, or multiple e-mail clients for example. Although it seems that Apple will bring a completely revamped calendar app with the newest version of iOS (currently named iOS7), I’m still searching for an interesting app that I could recommend for those who feel the same way about these issues, as I am.

You’ve probably heard about a well-known to-do app called Any.DO, which was already featured several times in the iOS App Store. This application brought interestingly designed flat interface, and some interesting productivity-related features. As it turns out, now you can use a calendar app made by a same developer which made Any.DO, so if you like that to-do organizer you’ll probably going to like Cal as well.

Cal is a free calendar app, which brings more functionality than Apple’s iOS Calendar, and that can be seen right after you start it for the first time. This app will allow you to import iCloud, Google, Exchange, and Facebook based calendars, and another requirement is allowing Cal to access your contacts and location. This might be a bit of a problem for those who don’t like sharing all that data with some 3rd party application, and Cal actually requires you to provide access even before you get to the main screen. On the other hand, Any.DO wasn’t a major privacy concern, so I believe that Cal should be trustworthy. Anyway, there are always some articles which are focusing only on privacy issues of a particular app, so I believe Cal will be put to a test.

Cal 1

One of the biggest selling points of Cal is its beautiful interface. It brings flat design and interesting animations to keep things busy, and the overall user experience is really nice. This calendar app makes you focused on a particular day instead of listing all of your upcoming obligations, even though you can browse day by day if you want to see what needs to be done during a current week.

Making a new calendar task is a nicely designed process. Cal will automatically download a new background picture each time you access its day-view, so interface will be kept fresh and interesting over time. When you decide to add a new task, you’ll be able to add a date, add contacts, map coordinates, and even notes. But once a certain task becomes a thing of the past, you won’t be able to change or modify it.

In general, Cal is a very useful calendar application. It won me over thanks to its simple, yet very elegant and nice looking interface. It does lack some advanced functionalities, and animations aren’t always smooth, so I really hope that new updates will keep on coming and that these issues will be solved in the future.


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