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PROS: Very interesting product. Easy to set up. Perfect for enthusiasts.

CONS: Wi-Fi connection hiccups. The iOS app crashes occasionally. Expensive.

CamRanger 1By now you probably know that iPad isn’t a device which should be only used for web browsing, playing games, and watching movies. In fact, this is a very serious device, which could be used in almost any possible field – from economy, architecture, graphic design, up to medicine. All it takes for making that possible is a very serious group of developers who are interested in creating an iOS app which broadens iPad’s abilities.

In this article we’ll talk about a very interesting product, which is made for photography enthusiasts and professionals as well. This product is called the CamRanger, and this is actually a combination of Wi-Fi tethering unit and an iOS app which is used to remotely control your DSLR camera. Continue reading to see how this whole system works, and if this could be a good investment.

Let us tackle what you will need to properly set-up this system. You will need to connect the CamRanger unit to your DSLR camera, and I would also suggest downloading its iOS app on your iPad right away. Now simply turn on the CamRanger unit, and it will automatically create a new Wi-Fi network. You’ll need to connect to that network using your tablet and once you open CamRanger app and you should be ready to shoot. This installation process might be a bit confusing for those who did not use Wi-Fi to set up a new hardware unit before, but it’s not that complicated at all, and you’ll be able to find detailed description of this process.

CamRanger 2

Once you open CamRanger app on your iPad, you’ll be pretty amazed by how many options there are, so there’s that “cool” and “wow” factor. This app is compatible with most Nikon and Canon cameras, and I believe that you’ll be able to find and use every single native feature of those cameras, right there on CamRanger app. There’s also impressive looking Live view, which makes it much easier to set up a scene and detailed settings before shooting a photo. Finally, I also need to say that this app brings some none-native DSLR features like gridlines, an HDR mode, and even a full set of time-lapse settings. Once you have taken a bunch of photos, you can preview them right there on your iOS device, and even delete them.

Since this system works over Wi-Fi, you might be wondering about its performance. Well, in order for Live view and other features to work flawlessly, they demand very fast internet connection, and even faster than iPad is capable of. In practice this means that you might experience some hiccups and sluggishness, which you’ll need to get used to. In these terms, it seems like a better solution to directly use your camera to shoot pictures.

The CamRanger system costs $300, so this is a serious investment. I believe that most professionals won’t like those WiFi-related hiccups, which means that this can’t be a serious photography tool. On the other hand, it’s very amusing and fun to take high quality pictures on your iPad and to control your camera this way, so most photography enthusiasts will get the most out of it.


  1. Sounds expensive.

    A cheaper option with less features would be an eye-fi card.

    As a pro photographer I don’t think I’d need to use all the features but I guess some would.

    Wi-fi problems are one of the most annoying things ever when it comes to this type of product.


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