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PROS: Light and thin. Quality materials. Doesn’t add a lot of bulk. Offers wallet function.

CONS: Problems with construction. Some annoyances.

I am not a big fan of traditional iPhone cases, which are usually made of plastics, and look and feel cheap. From time to time I stumble upon a very interesting case by doing my reviews, so I’ve had a chance of trying out various metal and wooden cases which turned out to be elegant and which offered great protection. When it comes to choosing a case for my phone, I tend to use those elegant leather wallet cases, even though I am a big fan of flip cases as well.

As it turns out, by doing today’s article I’ve got the chance of trying out a leather flip case which sounded really good since that’s the combination that I like. This case is called the Cygnett Lavish, which is (as is name says) designed and sold by the British company Cygnett. This is the flip case which also serves as a wallet, and could be purchased for around $40.

Cygnett Lavish 3

When I took a first look at the Cygnett Lavish I really liked its lines, thinness, and finishing touches. This is one of those leather cases which look and feel great, so I only hoped that its quality would remain intact over time. This folio uses plastic snap-on case to ensure that your iPhone will remain in place, and it’s doing its job very well. This case leaves all ports uncovered for easy access. Actually, once you close this case you’ll get an easy access to the iPhone’s headset port, and speakers are also completely free so you can hear notifications and ringtones even while case is closed. It’s also important to say that the closing mechanism is magnetic and works quite well. This magnet goes over the Lightning port of your iPhone, keeping if protected from dirt and other small particles.

Cygnett Lavish 1

As I said earlier, the Cygnett Lavish case can be also used as a wallet. On the opposite side of your phone you’ll find a small pouch into which you can place one or two credit cards. It seems to me that cards are safely tucked in, so you don’t have to worry about losing them. The inside of this case is covered with soft suede-like material which will protect the screen of your phone.

There are a lot of things to like about the Cygnett Lavish, and that’s everything from nice looking materials, up to its good build quality. There are also two things that I didn’t like. As it turns out, the sides of this case are a bit wider than iPhone 5, so it seems that this case is a little too big for the phone that fits inside. I also believe that this will make the edges of Cygnett Lavish wear out much faster than normal, since they are always going to be folded and exposed. And the other thing I didn’t like is that I always needed to pull the side of this case if I wanted to snap a photo with my phone, since there’s no cutout for the camera on the back.


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