feedly 3Even though they are not as popular as a few years back, RSS feeds are still a great way to stay informed and on top of the latest information. One of the latest shakeups was made by Google, who decided to shut down its RSS sync service leaving many users searching for a new option. This is why we already reviewed several of these very interesting RSS readers, made for iOS devices, of which some seemed like a very good solution, but most of them tried to offer all-in-one instead of focusing on presenting information in a very clear and concise way.

In this article we are going to get a deeper look at Feedly. This application was first published back in 2010, and during all this time developers worked hard and released 16 major updates, so today we are going to review its 16.0.522 version. Feedly is completely free to download and use, and even comes with its own cloud sync solution which makes it very competitive against some of the best selling RSS readers in the iOS App Store.

Feedly 2

Once you open Feedly for the first time you’ll be greeted with a nicely designed tutorial which will give you a general idea of how this application works. After that you’ll need to add you own RSS feeds, and you can use your own, or you can browse thousands of preloaded feeds which are nicely organized into categories.

Once you’ve added your own feeds you’ll be able to choose how you’d like those feeds to be presented. By default, they are presented as cards which you can simply swipe to read or close. You can also view them as titles, lists, or magazine style (similar to Flipboard). I really appreciated how customizable this RSS reader was, which isn’t something I’ve seen lately. Feedly also comes with a neatly organized UI, so it succeeds in presenting information, titles, and articles in a very clear way.

Feedly 1

Feedly also comes with other features which should be considered as standard features for any capable RSS reader. For example, you’ll be able to share a link to an article via Facebook, Twitter, through an e-mail message, and similar. Another important thing that you can save articles for later reading, and you can even send these lists to third party applications and services like Instapaper and Pocket.

I’ve tested both Feedly for iPad and iPhone as well, and both of these versions are beautifully designed and equally functional. Users who own both versions will also benefit from Feedly Cloud, since feeds can easily stay in sync.

The only thing I didn’t like about Feedly is that I couldn’t organize my own RSS feeds right within this app. You can add and delete a feed, but if you’d like to reorganize or move those feeds you’ll be redirected to official Feedly’s website. Other than this, I really couldn’t find anything negative about this app, and I was pleasantly surprised by its UI and performance.



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