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PROS: Beautiful interface. Brings something new and exciting. Joy to use.

CONS: Some animation hiccups.

Foresee 1From time to time an iOS weather app becomes a subject of an internet talk, which is actually a very interesting thing, since it seems that there’s not that much that a new weather app can bring. I am speaking in terms of functionality, since a weather app usually only shows a current temperature and a forecast for the next few days. Perhaps that’s exactly why many developers chose this app category to enter the world of iOS app development, since exactly those weather apps were pioneering grounds for new and exciting interfaces and innovative gestures.

In order to see how interesting a weather app can be, we are going to review an app called Foresee. This is a fairy new app in the iOS App Store, and many people already noticed it, so I only assume that it will become very popular.

Simply said, Foresee is a weather app, but in practice it is so much more. It brings innovative concept of tailored weather forecast, which is based on your favorite outdoor activities and your subjective ideal temperatures. This way Foresee will tell you if the weather is perfect for a morning run, or for an intensive baseball game, to name a few examples.

Now let’s see how this app actually works. First you’ll need to select you favorite outdoor activity, and Foresee comes with dozens of preloaded suggestions which range from jogging, up to yard sale exploring. After you’ve selected an activity, you’ll need to set the preferred time of day and ideal weather conditions which could range in temperature, humidity, cloud cover, wind condition, and much more. This way, Foresee will tell you that tomorrow morning will be ideal for an early morning run, since there’s going to be a bit windy and not that hot at all – to give you just one example.

Foresee 2

After you’ve set up your favorite outdoor activities, every time you open Foresee you’ll be able to get that personalized forecast. In fact, Foresee will tell you what activities you can expect doing according to weather conditions over the next 10 days. As you can see, this is a really fun application, and in general it can be very helpful.

Another amazing aspect of Foresee is its interface design. If you’ve seen how iOS7 is going to look like, than you’ll exactly know what kind of interface to expect from Foresee. Its flat design looks amazing, and vibrant colors are making it cheerful and fun to use. It also comes with some very nice graphics and smooth animations, so you’ll surely going to love this app. Speaking of those animations, I need to say that not all of them are completely smooth since you can see some hiccups when you use those large spinning animations. This means that there’s some small tweaking to be done in the future, but overall this is a very interesting iOS application which I warmly recommend trying out.

Foresee is currently priced at $2, and can be downloaded right from the iOS App Store.


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