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PROS: Quality made. Easy to install. Excellent oleophobic coating. Excellent scratch protection.

CONS: None.

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When it comes to protection of your iOS devices you probably know all about those numerous types of cases, sleeves, bags and shells. These are designed to offer protection from scratches and dents, as well as from more serious permanent damages. Even though most iPhone users actually decide to buy and use some of these cases, only a small fraction of those offer a complete protection.

If you take a look around and see all those case types that people are using, you’ll see that most are only protecting the back and the edges of your phone. This leaves the screen completely unprotected, which leaves you the option of finding some type of a screen guard. When it comes to iPhones, there’s a huge choice of available accessories including screen guards, so today we are going to review one of those. This is not going to be one of those plastic ones, but a high-quality glass protector which is already incredibly popular at some markets worldwide.

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Spigen SGP is a company which introduced advanced glass protector for iPhone 4 as an experimental product which soon became very popular. This led to an array of new products which are now being designed for different smartphone and tablet types. The product we’re reviewing in this article is made for iPhone 5 and it’s named GLAS.tR Slim. Even though Spigen offers several iPhone 5 compatible protectors, this one is currently the most popular one and there are several good reasons for that.

First, let’s see what the GLAS.tR Slim is and what it does. This is actually a sheet of high-quality clear glass, which is designed to perfectly fit your iPhone’s front side. This means that you can stick it to iPhone’s screen and use it just like you would normally do, without any distractions or adjustment period. As it name says, this is a slimmer version of the GLAS.tR, which is now only 0.4mm thick (which is approximately 0.01 inches). Another important thing to say is that this protector comes with tapered edges, so it nicely fits iPhone’s own rounded edges so these two integrate perfectly.

Once you receive your own GLAS.tR Slim package, you’ll see that you’ve received one glass protector, a packaged alcohol wipe, microfiber cloth, and there are six Home Button stickers. These stickers are used to ease up Home Button reach since it’s going to be recessed a bit because you basically need to add a new thin layer of glass over your phone. You can also purchase aluminum Home Button stickers if you need a bit more elegant looks.

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When it comes to protection you’ll be extremely satisfied with this product because it fulfills its two main roles. First, it’s easy to install it and doesn’t leave any air pockets beneath. Nicely designed tapered edges are also a big plus. What’s most important is that it fully protects your phone from any scratches, no matter how strong or sharp they might be.

This is one of those products that should be essential for any iPhone owner. This screen protector is so much more than those simple PET films, so its price of $35 seems like a very good investment.


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