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PROS: Quality made. Seems very useful. Very interesting product.

CONS: None.

Grid It 3If you’re a frequent traveler, then you’re probably aware of the problems with cables and other small devices that all get tangled-up together, no matter how carefully you place them in your bag.  Each time you need to use a charger to a drained iPhone battery, you need to spend time untangling the charger from your other things. In my case, I have solved this problem by purchasing a specialized bag which comes with numerous smaller and larger pockets, so everything is completely separated. As it turns out, there a better solution and you’re just about to discover it.

In this article we are going to review the Grid-It system, which is made by Cocoon. This is a system used to organize all your cables, chargers, iPhone accessories, even iPods, and everything else you can possibly imagine. And the best thing about it is that it’s extremely simple to use, yet it’s very effective and incredibly useful.

Grid It 1

The Grid-It system is basically a web of elastic bands which are woven together. This way you can simply pull a band and place an iPhone charger under it, so when you release that band, a charger will become strongly attached to the surface of Grid-It. These bands are organized in such manner that you can attach numerous cables and other small accessories, and also a few large ones like external batteries, iPods, and anything similar in size and weight. What this also means is that you can now have all those accessories and cables stored in one place, so you can easily see if everything is in its place, which is very helpful in case you’re traveling.

Those bands I’ve mentioned in the previous paragraph are very elastic, yet incredibly strong so you can be assured that cables won’t fall out. Also, this product seems very quality made and even after I’ve stretched those bands numerous times, they haven’t shown any sign of weakness or tearing. I not sure how this material will act after six months of a full year of use, but I believe you’re not going to have any problems with it.

Grid It 2

The Grid-It system comes in two sizes, so you basically need to buy the right one according to number of cables and accessories you plan on carrying with you. There are no differences between these two Grid-It products, except for their size. That said, small Grid-It comes in dimensions of 9.2×0.3×7.2 inches (Height x Width x Length) and it weighs 7.4oz. This one is priced at $20. On the other hand, medium sized Grid-It comes in these dimensions: 12×0.3×8 inches (Height x Width x Length) and weighs 11.7oz, and it’s priced at $25.

In case you’re in need of some kind of system for organizing all you cables, adapters, and accessories, the Grid-It system seems like the perfect choice. It is quality made, it’s very useful, it comes in two sizes, and most importantly – it’s very affordable and seems like a good investment.


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