Grip Power, by Belkin 1In case you’re always running out of juice on your iPhone 5, the best solution is to purchase a battery case. These battery cases come in all shapes and sizes, and offer different capacities at different price ranges. If you’re interested in purchasing one, I would recommend reading reviews to help tell what you can expect from a specific battery case, since most bring different results in practice than those of the numbers officially stated. You can already find a number of useful reviews here on MacReview, and you can also read reviews about Mophie battery packs – the most popular ones in this category.

Belkin’s Grip Power battery case is currently priced at $100. This system consists of a battery case which is tightly connected to your iPhone via rubber bumper. You’ll also receive a charging cable, as well as headphone extension cord.

Speaking of its design, the first thing you’ll notice is that it brings a lot of bulk, which is something you can normally expect from a battery case. What’s interesting to see is that designers at Belkin decided to use soft lines and slightly rounded corners to visually slim down this case, which is the same situation with Mophie’s products. This case seem well constructed and durable. It completely covers buttons and ports, and comes with a small extrusion over iPhone’s screen which is able to protect it a bit. In terms of quality and how well its protection role is, the Grip Power seems like a nicely designed product.

What I really liked about this case is its anti-flare layer around iPhone’s camera, which can be really helpful in some situations. There’s also nicely positioned micro-USB port which is used to simultaneously charge Grip’s battery as well as iPhone’s built-in one.

When it comes to power capacity, this case promises 2000mAh battery which sounds very good in theory. This means that you can expect to more than double your phone’s life, but this is not the case in practice. According to numerous tests, you can only expect to charge your phone up to 89%, which is disappointing. This are still a good result, but not as promised. When you decide to charge your iPhone, you’ll need to press the switch button to activate the Grip Power. There are also four LED lights on the back which can tell your how much power there’s left.

In case you’re searching for a battery case with great build quality, the Grip Power is the right choice. Also, it won’t cost you much since it’s currently priced at $100. In case you’d like a battery case with great battery capacity, you won’t be satisfied with this product, since there are some cases which bring bigger capacities at lower price, but you should also know that these usually bring a lot of bulk as well.


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