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PROS: Nicely designed. Quality made, strong and firm.

CONS: No rubber feet. Possible overheating.

Hard Shell Case 3We all know about those numerous cases made for iPhones and iPads, and most of us have at least one of those. You’re probably aware of how much time you spend using your iPhone on a daily basis, and since most of us become quite free in the way we handle our phones, it is to be expected for a tiny scratches to appear over time. If you’re not protecting your phone using a case, those small scratches will become more visible over time, and in case you drop your phone, well, you probably know what could possibly happen.

Everything I said in the previous paragraph could be also said for MacBooks, as well as any other notebook, for that matter. Sure, there are all kinds of sleeves and bags which are there to help you carry your notebook throughout the day, but if you stop and think for a minute you’ll see that there aren’t that many protective cases even though these could be really helpful. Well, in today’s article we are going to talk about one of those interesting MacBook-compatible cases, and this one is made by Handy Candy Cases. The product we are reviewing is called Hard Shell Case, and it’s made for MacBook Pro with Retina display (15-inch display), and it comes priced at $60. In general, since Handy Candy Cases also offer pretty much the same case for other MacBook (Air and Pro) models, all of what we are about to say could also refer to those products as well.

Hard Shell Case 2

As you can see from the pictures, Hard Shell Case is permanently attached to your MacBook Pro, so it provides around the clock protection from scratches and any other serious damages. That’s why it is important for a notebook case to be nicely designed, since it basically covers beautiful Apple-designed product, and Hard Shell Case supports that philosophy by using translucent blend of polycarbonate plastics. This ensures that material is tough enough to handle all kinds of hits, but it also makes this case see-through, so you can actually enjoy in original MacBook’s aesthetics.

Setting up the Hard Shell Case is a matter of minutes. First, it is recommend to wipe your MacBook and remove any dirt and debris, as well as the inner side of this case. Now simply press your notebook into the bottom part of this case until it clicks. You can basically do the same with the top part, and you’ll be ready to go.

Hard Shell Case 1

There are two things I didn’t like about this notebook case. The first one is that there are no rubber feet which could prevent movement or slipping. This is just one of those things that could really make a difference. The other thing is that some users reported that their notebooks became hotter, so fans were running all the time. Even though this is something that was problematic in the past, I did not experience any heat gains with the Hard Shell Case, but since we all use our computers differently I would recommend caution.


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