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PROS: Nicely designed. Quality made. Reliable, firm, and sturdy. CONS: None.

If you own one of the newest generation iOS devices and if you’ve ever searched for the perfect dock which will house that device, then you’ve become aware of many issues and problems with those products. The main problem is that Apple has set certain rules that mandate some minimum physical dimensions of docks, so most of these are very limited in functionality. For example, most Lightning docks can’t support phones inside a case, no matter how thin those cases can be. This also made designers create two main dock types, and those are docks which feature fixed Lightning connector, and docks which feature removable USB-to-Lightning cable.

Based on my numerous reviews of the newest generation Lightning docks, I need to say that I still haven’t encountered a dock with fixed connectors which work well in practice. As it turns out, a dock that I am about to review will confirm my theory, since this is one of the most functional docks that I’ve seen in the last year.

HiRise Stand 2

If you follow MacReview articles, than you probably know about the company called Twelve South which creates very interesting iOS accessories. Today we are going to take a look at the HiRise Stand, which can be used not only with the iPhone 5, but also with the iPad mini, the iPod Touch (5th generation), and the iPod Nano (7th generation). It is priced at $35, and uses USB-to-Lightning cable so you can use the one which already came with your iOS device, or you can buy an additional one for $19.

This product will come in parts, so you’ll need to spend several minutes setting it up. The biggest single part is the angled base, which is clearly inspired by an iMac’s foot. There are also two supports, where one is used to adjust the height. You’ll also receive four screws and the hex tool as well. All parts are made of brushed metal, and they feel very sturdy and firm, and they are very quality made as well.

HiRise Stand 1

In order to actually use this stand, you’ll need to take the Lightning cable through the base and use one of three provided clips to secure it. One of those clips can be used with medium-thick cases, while the other clip can be used with some very thick ones. As you can assume, the third clip can be used to secure your iOS device if you’re not using a case. Also, most docks come with one common problem and that’s general instability of the Lightning plug, which can be moved or completely removed once you start pulling your phone away. This is not the case with the HiRise Stand, and I was very happy to see that.

Twelve South’s HiRise Stand is probably one of the best Lightning docks available. This is a very tricky territory, since most similar products are very limited and troublesome, but this one proved to be very reliable and quality made. Also, its price of $35 is very affordable for this product category, so I warmly recommend it.




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