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PROS: Quality made. Easy to install. Incredible protection from all elements. Adds wide angle camera.

CONS: None.

Hitcase Pro 1If you’re into outdoors adventures and extreme sports, than you’ve probably searched for the ways to keep your iPhone safe, up and running at all situations. It seems that many iPhone users like those crazy outdoor adventures, since you can find a very wide range of interesting accessories which are created to give you a piece of mind on your more-than-one-day adventure. These are rugged cases which can even pack an external batteries, all kinds of mounts, and iPhone-compatible photography gear which is actually all you need to keep using your phone for days and to record all kinds of interesting, crazy, and fun situations.

In this article you’ll get the chance to learn more about one of the ultimate pieces of iPhone accessory which is created to give you a full protection from all kinds of external elements. It also packs wide-angle lens and comes with ability to be mounted on just about anything. This case is called Hitcase Pro, and we are going to review its iPhone 5 version which is priced at $130.

Hitcase Pro 3

When you look at this case for the first time it will become more than clear that this is one of the most extreme iPhone cases. Once you take it and open it so you can inspect it more closely, you’ll be able to see all kinds of interesting details which are there to offer protection from dirt, shocks, and water as well. For example, Hitcase Pro is packed with so-called Poron pads, which are able of absorbing vibration and impact. Silicon pads are also there to give you more protection, and these completely surround your phone on the inside of this case. Even if that’s not enough, you can take your iPhone 5 up to 33 feet (10 meters) deep into water without any fear.

Even though it looks a bit scary with all those small details on the inside, installation is very easy and fast. All you need to do is to properly place your phone and then connect the back and the front side of Hitcase Pro using very strong clamps which will seal this connection. As you can imagine, this case adds a lot of weight and bulk to your phone, but it’s made for tough situations and not for everyday ordinary use.

Hitcase Pro 2

There are also two other features which need explaining. First, if you take a look at the pictures you’ll see wide angle lens camera which is attached to the back of Hitcase Pro. This camera works very well in practice and expands viewing angle up to 170 degrees. It’s great for recording videos and shooting pictures as well. The camera is there because this case is made to be mounted on helmets and tripods. This way you can record your adventures in first person mode. In case you’re really into shooting your own adventures you can buy additional mounting gear like chest mount for example, and other kinds of tripods.

The Hitcase Pro is surely one of the most interesting cases I’ve encountered. It is made for a very specific type of users, who will appreciate the camera and all of its nicely designed details. This way, $130 doesn’t seem that much at all.


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