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PROS: Overcomes some serious iOS limitations. Can be very useful.

CONS: Heavy skeuomorphic design. Transferring large files over Dropbox/Mail can be quite tedious.

Infuse 1As you know by now, iPads are perfect for watching movies. This is especially true if you’ve got a quality pair of headphones, so you can truly enjoy in this. With the iTunes’ digital store, you can access thousands of movies and even the latest blockbusters. If you already own a lot of video files, this is where things will get complicated.

In order to transfer a collection of movie files, you’ll need to bring them to your iPad only through Apple’s iTunes since this is the only (official) way to sync files with your iOS device. In practice, this hardly works since most files will need to be converted to iPad-compatible version, which can change its quality and alter your movies. In case you’re one of those people who feel limited by iPad’s built-in controls, you can easily purchase an app which could overcome these issues.

In this article we are going to tell you about Infuse. This media player comes from FireCore, which is a group of developers who made aTV software, which is used on jailbroken Apple TVs. As it turns out, developers at FireCore decided to offer Apple-approved way to play almost any movie file, and to completely skip those compatibility issues. Infuse can be purchased from the iOS App Store for $5.

Infuse 2

Once you open Infuse for the first time, you’ll be overwhelmed with skeuomorphic elements. This is probably one of the “heaviest” applications I’ve tested in a long time, since most new apps tend to embrace a new trend of light and flat interfaces. Infuse goes completely in the opposite direction, and really makes a statement. For example, you’ll get to use a heavy wood background, shiny toolbar, and red movie curtains which will take you to a preferences menu. I am not saying this design is a bad choice, since I believe that many will love it, while some are going to have a problem with it.

Infuse 3

Now let’s talk about features and functionalities. First you’ll need to add new movie files, and you can do that by using iTunes, or you can download a file from your Dropbox account or through Mail app. Once you’ve added files you’ll see that each of those movies is nicely represented through its artwork, and for the most movies you’ll be able to see info like the plot, year of release, and such information. Another interesting feature is ability to download subtitles, which I believe will be particularly popular amongst non-US users. Not all movies are going to have appropriate subtitles, but in most cases this feature will work. Finally, it is important to say that Infuse supports 14 video formats, so you’ll be able to play pretty much any video file.

Infuse also brings support for Trakt, which is a service that allows you to keep track of all movies and TV shows you’ve watched, and which is quite popular in the movie-lovers community.



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