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PROS: Nicely designed interface. Easy to set up. Can be very helpful.

CONS: No major concerns.

LastShot 1In case you’re a graphic designer, or simply someone who likes nice looking and interesting illustrations, icon design, typography projects, and similar, there are a lot of places around the web to find some inspiration. Here I’m talking about social networks created to showcase graphic design projects, which is a very nice idea in theory since it’s always a good idea to exchange some knowledge and talk about new techniques, receive some advice, and after all – to find some inspiration for your work.

In a space of different social networks, where some of those are quite specialized, you can find Dribbble. This is a community made for graphic designers to showcase their work through a small screenshots. That’s perfect for logo designers, typographers, and web designers – to name a few examples, and really allows them to focus on details of their work. Just like with any other social platform, you can upload and browse your images using a website interface, but there’s also another way which gives you greater flexibility and that’s by using a desktop application. Most social networks offer their own official desktop and mobile apps, but you can also find lots of 3rd party apps which can be just as useful as those official ones.

In this article we’ll review a small application which you can surely find useful if you’re a Dribbble user. This app is called LastShot, and it basically allows you to keep track of your latest upload and to receive some quick info about it. So in other words, this app is made to free you of keeping your web browser open at all times, and keeping yourself logged into Dribbbler while you’re not using it actively.

LastShot 2

As you can probably imagine, LastShot is a menu bar app which can be activated with a click of a mouse, or by using a keyboard shortcut. Either way you’ll get a nicely looking floating-style window which will ask you to enter a Dribbble username, or URL of a particular shot (which is the term used for a screenshot you’ve previously uploaded). Now simply press Enter, and you’ll instantly receive all the needed information about that particular shot. You’ll get to see how many views it’s got, as well as data regarding hearts, rebounds, and comments as well. You’ll also see if that shot is in the currently popular 250 list, as well as how much time has passed since upload.

Another important aspect of LastShot is its notification system, since you’ll be notified of any change so you can always get the latest info about your creation. You can use Preferences to set-up time interval for notifications, and you can choose 1-5-30-60 minutes, or completely turn this feature off.

LastShot is quite simple and basic, but this also means that it is quite focused and well designed. If you’re a Dribbble user, you’ll probably find this small app very useful and time saving. Also, it’s priced at $2, so it’s really affordable and clearly worth it.



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