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PROS: Unusual and modern design. Easy to set up. Amazing sound quality.

CONS: Expensive.

Libratone Live 2Wireless speakers are great addition to any smartphone since these days phones are capable of reproducing almost any kind of file, so you can get computer-like experience. By having a wireless speaker you can fully enjoy in your music, movies, games, and web-browsing as well.

In order to get the most out of your iOS device you’ll need to use AirPlay-equipped speaker which is Apple-made technology used to wirelessly stream lossless audio format to a speaker. This is not the same as a Bluetooth-equipped speaker which is able to work with almost any phone, and which can’t bring the same high quality streaming like AirPlay is able of.

In this article we’ll review a very interestingly looking AirPlay-ready speaker, named Libratone Live. This is a premium priced product (currently $550), so we were expecting amazing sound quality and modern unit design. Continue reading to see what we think about this product.

Libratone Live 1

Most premium priced wireless speakers tend to offer some kind of unusual and unique design, which clearly sets them apart from the rest of speakers in this category. With Libratone Live this is not an exception since this speaker brings very strong lines, fabric/wool skin, and very quality materials. Perhaps you can’t notice this from pictures, but this this speaker is quite large. Its dimensions are 18.5 x 5.9 x 6.0 (height x width x length), and weighs 14.3lbs – so it’s not only large, but heavy as well. Still, it manages to leave a very small footprint because of its rectangular base, and it’s also quite portable since it comes with a nicely designed metal handle. Also, Libratone Live comes wrapped in fabrics or wool, which are variations you can choose from, and this outer layer hides quality made wooden box which holds its internals.

Speaking of its internals, Libratone Live is equipped with 5in bass unit, two symmetrically placed 3in midrange drivers, and there’s also a pair of 1in tweeters. All of these units are positioned according to Libratone FullRoom technology, so sound waves are being sent in multiple directions so they can reflect off surfaces and amplify the sound. As you can expect from Libratone, sound quality is amazing, very clean and bass-heavy.

Libratone Live 3

This speaker comes with its own iOS app called Libratone which can used to adjust the FullRoom settings. This way you can precisely specify distance between this speaker and surrounding walls, as well as height from floor, so you can enjoy in the best possible audio quality. You will get to use several preloaded equalizers which are able to change output mode, and this actually produces noticeable results.

If you’re interested in purchasing a premium priced AirPlay-ready speaker, you won’t make a mistake if you buy Libratone Live. As we said earlier, sound quality is simply amazing, and the only thing you need to like is its unusual yet modern design.



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