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PROS: Quality made. High capacitive battery.

CONS: Glossy finish.

Power Spring 2Just like with any other accessory, it took some time until battery cases started supporting the latest iPhone generation. Apple has made quite a few changes with its iPhone 5, and one of the biggest is the new Lightning port which is made to work with the Lightning cable in order to provide power and synchronization ability. The first generation of iPhone 5-compatible battery cases provided movable Lightning connectors instead of fixed ones which are usually cleverly hidden.

Today we are bringing you a review of an iPhone 5 battery case which brings that previously mentioned movable Lightning connector. It’s made by MiLi Power and this case is called Power Spring 5. It can be purchased for $70 if you use MiLi’s official web shop.

There are usually only two types of a battery case. The first one can be a bit taller than iPhone, which is done in order to make it thinner. There are also those cases which are as tall as an iPhone, but they usually bring some bulk. As you can see, in case you want to use a battery case you’ll need to be ready to make some compromises. However, with the Power Spring 5 you’ll get a case which is as tall as your phone and which managed to bring tolerable thickness. This is even more impressive when you hear that you’ll receive an additional high capacitive battery of 2200mAh.

Power Spring 1

You can buy black or white version of the Power Spring case, which is made to work with your black or white iPhone. This case seems quality made, even though it’s completely made of glossy plastics, so I assume that some scratches and other small damages will appear over time. What I didn’t like about this case is that it completely leaves uncovered top and bottom side of your phone. I am not sure why designers at MiLi Power decided to go this way, since even though this is a battery case, it still should provide solid protection to your phone.

This case can be recharged using Micro-USB port and there’s also a charging cable included. There’s no ON/OFF switch, so when you decide to recharge your phone you simply need to pull out the Lightning connector and plug in into iPhone. Once you’re done, simply return it to a bracket where it fits nicely. Right besides this Lightning connector you can find four LED lights and a small button next to them, which is used to signalize how much juice there’s left.

As we said earlier, this case comes with 2200mAh battery. According to numerous test this statement is proven true, and it can completely recharge your iPhone 5 and it will have approximately 10% of juice left. This is a very good result for a battery case, especially if you take a look at its size and weight. It is also affordable, since most quality made cases are in the same price range, so I would surely recommend this case.


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