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PROS: Beautifully designed. Offers sharing and editing capabilities. Fluid animations.

CONS: None.

Photoful 3If you follow Apple-related news, than you’ve probably already heard about the upcoming iOS7, which brings a complete visual overhaul of this mobile operating system. This version of iOS will finally bring flat design to every built-in app, and it’s actually very interesting to see how each of these stock apps will look like.

Most stock apps in the iOS7 will be simply transferred into flat design interface, while some of those will bring a bit deeper change. For example, one of the most exciting changes is Apple’s Photos app which will bring a new way of browsing photos, some editing abilities and advanced sharing. If you really like this side of iOS7 and you simply can’t wait a few more months to try it out, then we might have a solution for you.

Photoful is an application already present in the iOS App Store, which closely resembles the upcoming iOS7 Photos app. It’s not made to serve as an imitation of Apple-designed app, but it uses some interesting features and incorporates them in a well-designed photo browsing app.

Photoful 1

Once you open Photoful for the first time, you’ll be guided through a small tutorial which will show you some interesting gestures and some features which will help you get started quickly. This application will use all those pictures already present in the Photos app, and well those from Camera Roll, so there’s no setup needed.

The first thing you can notice about Photoful is that it automatically sorts out pictures according to a date, which is something we’ll see in the iOS7 as well. You can simply click on a picture to get to that particular album, and no matter where you’re at, you’ll always get to see small, medium, or large thumbnails. There’s something very interesting and nice about these animations, since they seem more natural and fluid than in Apple’s own Photos app, and I really enjoyed using Photoful. For example, you can use zoom in and out gesture to move between albums and different views.

Photoful 2

There are several ways to organize pictures within Photoful. You can use that small calendar icon in the top left corner so you can jump to any previous year, and you can even choose a specific month. You will also get to assign tags to photos, so you can easily list a bunch of photos scattered across different years and different albums.

Finally, it is also important to note that Photoful offers iOS built-in sharing features, as well as some editing. What’s interesting is that editing is powered by the popular Aviary service, so there’s no need to leave this app in order to edit a photo. Once you’ve done editing, swipe to the left and sharing features will appear, so you can easily post a photo to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Photoful is completely free to download and use, and I warmly recommend trying it out.


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