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PROS: Nice photography results. Affordable. Easy to use. CONS: Plastics could be stronger, so the case could be more protective.

Quick-Flip Case 1A while back we reviewed a product called Olloclip which received very high rating. This is a photography system which brings several additional lenses to the iPhone 5, extending its built-in photography abilities. Since the newest iPhone 5 already comes with an amazing camera, these lenses were the perfect addition which allowed you to shoot macro and wide-angle photos. The main disadvantage of this product was that you needed to remove any existing case you’d already used, which seemed to be a problem for many.

As it turns out, Olloclip now received an overhaul which tried to solve the main problem with the previous generation. The newly released Quick-Flip Case comes with Pro-Photo Adapter for iPhone 5, and is now being sold as a combined product. This is a case which comes with Olloclip adapters which could be easily attached and removed, while the Pro-Photo Adapter offers some advanced features and ability to add a tripod stand. This combination is currently priced at $100, which is a good deal.

The Quick-Flip Case is used just like any other case, meaning that it protects your phone from scratches and other kinds of damages. This is a simple plastic cradle which protects your phone from every side, except iPhone’s screen. It seems quality made and durable, so I expect that you won’t have any problems with it in the long run. Also, this case comes with three detachable metal-housed lenses that you place over iPhone’s built-in lens. These are fisheye lens, medium-wide angle lens, and there’s macro lens as well. These bring exactly the same quality as before, which means that most amateurs will be perfectly happy with them, even though they can’t bring professional-grade results. For example, some borderline blur and softness is present with fisheye and medium-wide angle lens, while macro lens comes with a quite small focus area. But for this price, these lenses offer very good and noticeable improvements, and they are also very fun to use.

As we said earlier, the Pro-Photo Adapter can be used with the previously mentioned case. This adapter is also detachable and simply slides over the bottom part of the Quick-Flip Case. This adapter offers some additional protection for your phone, and it also brings two metal screw holes which are used to attach a camera tripod. This means that you can mount your phone in landscape and portrait orientation. You will be also able to attach a self-powered flash, which is also a very nice and surprising addition.

This system brings a very interesting innovation to a world of iPhone photography. Even though these parts can be purchased separately, I would always recommend purchasing it as a combo package since they nicely fit each other and work flawlessly. Also, if you buy both of these at the same time, the price will be $100, which is a good price for this product category.



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