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PROS: Nice performance. Easy to use. Trustworthy.

CONS: Some minor annoyances.

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Cloud services are perfect for file sharing and team collaboration, and for keeping files and settings synced across multiple devices and different platforms. There’s not that many negative things you can say about functionality of those cloud services, and the main concern for many is a question of privacy. This is an issue which was discussed many time before, and even today you can sometimes find a new article that questions whether we should trust those (unknown and well-known) companies with our data. I also believe that there are many potential users around the world who aren’t willing to join this cloud services hype only because they are concerned about privacy issues.

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In this article we are going to talk about a solution for this problem which comes as a 3rd party application which currently only works with Dropbox. This application is called SafeMonk and it can be used to encrypt data before sending it to a cloud. It is free to download and use, and continue reading to see what you can expect from this app and how well it works in practice.

In order to use SafeMonk you’ll need to sign-up for a new account which will be used together with your Dropbox account to encrypt and share files. During the installation you’ll receive your own private secured key, which could be considered as a master password. This piece of information is highly important since, in case you lose your password, this is the only way to get to your files. Keep this in mind.

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Once you’ve set up SafeMonk you’ll see that this app will sit in OSX’s menu bar. This application will create a folder named “SafeMonk” within your Dropbox cloud space, and everything you put into this folder will be automatically encrypted. What’s important to know is that encryption is being done on your computer, locally, so these files are never uploaded to SafeMonk servers. Differently said, this company will never be able to use your data to collect information or anything similar, since the whole procedure is being done locally.

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If you’d like to share encrypted folders, SafeMonk will also help you with that. The person you’re sending some files to, does need to have a SafeMonk account and application installed, since it will need to enter automatically generated key in order to access those files. You can use website interface to see all your shared files, so you can easily remove someone who doesn’t need to be on this list anymore. The only negative side about this is that SafeMonk is able to share folders at this point, and not individual files, even though this is not a major problem.

This encryption service already received many positive reviews, and some critics researched more about this company only to find out that it’s complete trustworthy and that your files are going to stay private and safe. Encryption is quite fast, and performance is good. All of this leaves a very positive impression, so I would warmly recommend trying this application out.



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