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PROS: Very useful. Good performance and fast uploads.

CONS: Some shortcomings.

Sharebucket 2Sharing files was never easier than today, even those large ones. When you need to share a small file, you can use e-mail to quickly send it to someone.If you need to share a large file, or several ZIP archives which are tied together, than you’ll need to use a cloud service or FTP.

Speaking of those cloud services, they shouldn’t be only used with simple file sharing, since they can be used to keep files in sync across computers and handheld devices. Since most of us use at least one computer, and an iPhone or an iPad as well, you start to get an an idea of how useful cloud services could be. If you decide to join one of those, there are wide choices available which all range in prices, storage and bandwidth, and some advanced features as well.

In this article we are going to tell you about an application called Share Bucket. This is a small and free menubar app, which allows you automatically upload screenshots and other files, and to automatically receive a link which you can send to others. This application is available in the OSX App Store and is completely free to download and use.

Share Bucket 1

Once you open Share Bucket for the first time you’ll going to see its introductory screen where you’ll need to add cloud services that you’re going to use. It’s important to know that you don’t need to have an application of a cloud service installed on your Mac, since Share Bucket uses specific API’s to upload files to a cloud. You’ll be able to use it with almost any well known cloud service like Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, and others.

After you’ve set it up, this app will always sit in OSX’s menu bar. Simply drag-and-drop files that you like to upload, and Share Bucket will do the job. This app can be also used to share screenshots and to automatically upload them, which you can also edit. After each upload is done you’ll receive a notification which will indicate that the link of that file is already placed into your clipboard. This way you can simply paste it and send it to someone.

What’s interesting to know about Share Bucket is that it comes with a lot of small tweaks and other interesting features. For example, there’s an editor which could be used to annotate screenshots, or blur parts of them. On the other hand, there’s no crop tool, and you can’t re-edit them after they’re saved. You can also set up how long your files need to be kept, or if you like to have a shortened URL.

This application can be very useful if you use a cloud service to share a lot of files and exchange a lot of links. There are some annoyances and shortcomings, but as you know this is a free application which seems to come with a lot of potential, so I would warmly recommend it.


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