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PROS: Can be very useful. Successfully identifies music. Nicely designed app.

CONS: Lack of focus; Tries to offer all-in-one. Interface can easily become overcrowded with information.

Shazam 1The chances are that you’re already familiar with Shazam, which is an iOS app used to identify music playing around you. What you probably didn’t know is that Shazam is the UK product which has been around for a little bit over ten years now. The mainstream success of this service came with the iPhone era, when this was one of those most popular applications in the iOS App Store.

If you like to read and learn more about your favorite iOS apps, than you’ve probably read about problems Shazam faced during the previous year, and the huge loss this company made. As it turns out, this service is once again filling up the headlines since Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim decided to invest more than $40 million into further development and worldwide spread of Shazam. It might be interesting to note that there are over 350 million people using Shazam, and its expansion over Latin America could bring additional 260 million, which is something that seems quite needed in order to turn those losses into a profit.

In this article we’re going to see what the newest version of Shazam can offer (this is version 6.0) and to see if this app can still be relevant in the world of iOS.

Shazam is made with a simple idea on mind, and that’s identifying music that’s playing somewhere around you. All you have to do is to start up Shazam and tap in order to “tag” some music. After Shazam finishes listening, it will bring you a very detailed report on what band is playing that particular track and other useful info. As you can imagine, Shazam grew over that primary function so in its 6.0 version you can do a lot more.

Shazam 2

After you’ve “tagged” something, you can choose to share that information with others, or you can buy that track using iTunes or watch related videos on YouTube. Speaking of sharing, you’ll be able to use Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to make a new posts. Also, you’ll be able to see all your tags from the past, so you can actually tag music for a couple of days, and you can review it later and decide if you’d like to purchase it.

There’s also another important side of this service, and that’s music discovery. This feature is called “Interactive Maps”, so you can see tagged music all around you on the map, but as it turns out this is not that helpful. As you can imagine, the most popular music on those maps are going to be top 10 tracks of the moment, so if you like listening to alternative bands you’ll be out of luck.

Shazam is free to download and use, but its basic free version shows a lot of annoying ads, which is one of the ways this company makes money. If you’d like to remove those ads you’ll need to purchase Shazam Encore which is being sold at $7 at the moment.


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