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PROS: Easy to use. Brings a lot of useful tools.

CONS: No iPad version. Interface needs a bit more polishing. Can't import custom shapes

Tangent 2There are countless image editors that you can use with your iOS device. All of these are located within the iOS App Store, and they come as free and paid applications. It’s interesting to see how these apps developed over time, from those first simple ones up to today’s complex image editors which can be used with iPads. Even though these apps can’t replace professional desktop photo editors, some of them are able of very complex operations and bring amazing results.

Today we are going to show you an app called Tangent. This is one of the newest additions to a world of iOS image editors, and is currently priced at $2. In all fairness, this is not a classic image editor, but instead this application is used to create interesting overlays of graphic elements on top of your existing pictures. As you can imagine, this can be done with almost any desktop graphic creation and editing app, but Tangent makes this job incredibly easy and fast.

Tangent 1

Once you open Tangent for the first time you’ll need to choose whether you’d like to take a picture using iPhone’s camera or choose one of the existing ones. After this you’ll be able to choose one of the existing three styles, which are considered as a basic layer. Those are: color blend, fill, and mask. Each of these styles bring specific set of tools, so there are a lot of interesting tools and features to try out, and their combinations can create beautiful graphic elements.

After you’ve added the first layer you’ll be able to edit it using several gestures. For example, you can rotate selected layer using two fingers, or you can make it larger or smaller by pinching it in or out. It’s also important to say that currently there are two packs of additional graphic elements that you can add to your pictures, and they are priced at $1 each. This means that you can’t add your own shapes, which is a shame, but if you start liking this app you’ll be able to purchase additional packs, and I believe more will come in the future.

Tangent is one of those apps which are built with a very specific role in mind. These are so called “niche apps”, since they don’t try to bring all-in-one, but only one specific action that’s well designed and comprehensive. It’s nicely designed, even though some of its UI elements are a bit rough and need further polishing, but it’s very intuitive and easy to use. Another thing I didn’t like is that this isn’t a universal app, meaning that there’s no iPad version which is a real shame since large screen would make this application really stand out. Even though I haven’t heard anything from its developer, I really hope that an iPad version will be issued through a future update.

Tangent is available in the iOS App Store for $2, and brings a lot of useful tools for this price. For additional 2$ you’ll be able to double available graphic elements.



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