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PROS: Beautifully designed UI. Very natural and interesting gesture controls. Very usable. CONS: Can’t import Calendar and Reminders app data.

Task 1During my time as a reviewer I’ve encountered a number of applications across platforms like iOS, Windows Phone, and Android as well. As even after all this time reviewing all kinds of mobile apps, I can still say with great certainty that the most beautiful apps could be found in the iOS App Store. Sure, there are some developers who are trying their best to make attractive apps for all available platforms, but somehow it turns out that iOS users tend to appreciate beautiful graphic design the most. I am trying to be as objective as possible since I’ve seen a lot of different designs and talked with developers and designers about their decisions, and because my background education is somewhat connected to graphic design.

Task 2

If you follow our reviews, than you can probably remember that we talked about a very interesting and unique to-do app named Clear. This was an application that was designed for iOS, and after it reached massive success it was also published as an OSX app. Today we are going to tell you about another interesting organizational iOS tool, which resembles Clear in many ways, but which also brings a lot of new and unique things.

The application we’re going to talk about is simply called Task and you can purchase it from the iOS App Store for only $0.99. This is a to-do list manager, but also acts as a calendar app, so it can be used both ways.

Task 3

The first time I opened Task on my iPhone I was stunned how similar it was to Clear. As I started exploring it and finding more about advanced gestures, I started to like it more and more. First, let’s see how you can use this app. Well in order to add a new item you simply need to tap anywhere on the screen. This is where you can set up exact time when you need to be reminded, and you can also choose a due date. If a due date is sometime this week, you can simply swipe days in order to choose one. You can also swipe up and reveal a full featured calendar so you can pick any date. You’ll also get to label that specific reminder as important by tapping on a small exclamation mark which will make it bold in the list of to-do items.

Once you return to a list of to-do items you’ll notice that today’s tasks are on the bottom of the iPhone’s screen. Tasks which need to be done tomorrow or any day later are on top, which does seem like a very strange design decision. This is something that many users noted as well, and even though some didn’t like it, I didn’t have any problems adjusting to it. I also need to say that I really liked this interface and that I believe that Task is one of the most beautifully designed organizational tools.

The only bad thing I’ve noticed it that Task can’t import data that’s already present on your iPhone, in Calendar and Reminders app. This is something that every new to-do app needs to be capable of, and I hope this will be resolved in a future update.


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