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  • The Defender Series, by Otterbox
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PROS: Offers protection and additional battery. Uses an app to intelligently track battery usage.

CONS: Rugged looks. Automatically uploads your private info.

Defender Series 2Battery cases are the perfect way to prolong your iPhone’s battery life, which begins declining a little bit with every full charge cycle. According to some measurements done by 3rd party case manufacturers, you can notice some reduction of iPhone’s battery capacity after a year of intensive usage, so this can be the perfect time to buy an external battery solution, or perhaps a battery case.

One of the most popular battery cases are made by Mophie, called Juice Packs.  Today we are going to review another battery case, which comes from a company called the Otterbox. This company specializes in different kinds of cases for Apple products and other smartphone companies.  We are going to focus on a Defender Series ($130), which is made for iPhone 4/4S.

The Otterbox Defender Series is a case which offers external battery, but this is also one of those cases which are made for outdoor use, meaning that it offers complete protection from shocks, bumps, scratches, and occasional splashes.

Defender Series 1

First, let’s see what kind of protection this case offers. According to its manufacturer, the Defender case offers three layers of protection, and all of these layers are clearly visible once you decide to take a closer look. There’s a screen protector which needs to be unclipped before placing your iPhone into this case. There’s also very sturdy polycarbonate inner layer which is where you need to place your iPhone into (which acts as a cradle), and there’s also a soft silicon layer which provides protection from bumps and shocks. As you can assume, it takes a few minutes to place your phone into this case, as well as to take it out. You basically need to assemble all those three layers and secure their connection, but once everything is in its place, this case will offer a very strong and reliable protection. It is also interesting to note that all ports are being covered by the Defender case (except for two cameras and the speaker), and all buttons are also covered as well (including the Home button).

As we said earlier, the Defender Series also offers additional battery built into this case. It holds enough power to double iPhone’s battery life, and there are 10 LEDs on the bottom of the front side which can tell how much power there’s left. This case is made to be used with iON Battery App, made by Otterbox as well, which estimates how much power there’s left and which is used to activate external battery and transfer power when needed. This means that you can’t use on/off switch to activate external battery, since this process is fully automated and run by iON Battery App.

Defender Series 3

In the end, I need to pinpoint several shortcomings. The biggest downside of this case is its design since I can’t see myself using this case in an office environment for example, because it looks rugged and outdoors-ready. There’s also another thing to be worried about, and according to numerous reviews and user testimonials, it seems that iON Battery App uses your private info like contact information, credentials, location, network usage, and much more, which is being automatically uploaded on a daily basis. If this is something that concerns you, I don’t think you’ll be too happy with this product.



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