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PROS: Quality made. Comfortable to use. Affordable.

CONS: Gives protection only to iPad’s front side.

FastFit 3I strongly believe that a quality keyboard is one of the essential iPad accessories. This tablet could be used in so many ways that not having a keyboard would seriously limit its functionality. I’ve noticed that over time I slowly began using my iPad over my notebook in many occasions, so it seems to me that one day iPad could completely replace an entry-level notebook.

I’ve said earlier, having a good and reliable iPad keyboard is a must have. Purchasing the right keyboard is not that easy as it might seem since you’ll need to closely inspect all sides of a particular product, where only a few will allow you to work without problems over long periods of time. In case you’re searching for a keyboard which works with your iPad Mini, than you need to be even more careful, since most of these keyboards are bringing some compromises because of their small sizes.

In this article we’ll take a look at Belkin’s FastFit keyboard, made for iPad Mini. This product is priced at $80, which seems alright and a good price for this product category. You can find two versions, which are made to fit black or white iPads.

FastFit 2

Once you take the FastFit keyboard for the first time, you’ll realize that this surely is a quality made product. This is something that you can expect from Belkin, which is known for durable accessories. What I also liked about this case is its matte finish, since most designers choose some kind of glossy coating which seem to attract fingerprints and smudges. As you can see from the pictures, the FastFit can only protect iPad Mini’s screen, which is something that’s as expected, but it would have been nice if there’s something to protect iPad’s back from scratches and similar damages.

The FastFit can be attached to your iPad Mini thanks to its magnets, but once you take iPad and place it into a tray, you’ll need to manually turn on this keyboard. This is something that I actually like since this preserves some power, even though those keyboards with sensors can be helpful as well. Once you place your tablet into a tray on this keyboard, it will sit in a reclining position perfect for typing. This will also wake your tablet, making it ready for use.

FastFit 1

It’s nice to have a nicely designed product, but it’s also important this it’s highly functional. Keyboards made for iPad Mini are always small, so there are always some compromises which designers and developers needed to make. These compromises seem very rational with this product, since you get to use all the numbers and letters of the alphabet, and there are some dedicated keys as well. Total number of keys is reduced, but functionality is kept intact thanks to function keys, which means that most keys come with double function. This way the FastFit is made to be comfortable for use and not crowded with keys. And this works perfectly in practice as well.


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