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PROS: Beautifully designed. Very useful.

CONS: Same safety concerns.

The iOStand 4When it comes to iPad stands, I believe that I’ve pretty much reviewed almost any possible type. In order to give you a wider choice, and to make their products stand out, designers and manufacturers are always trying to bring something new and something that wasn’t seen before. As I’ve seen during my reviews, these risks don’t usually pay off since all pioneering is a new try of building a reliable and solid product, and it takes time to become one.

The last paragraph pretty much described how I felt when I first saw iOStand, made by iOMount. This is one of those strange, yet curiously interesting products that simply capture your attention. As it comes to a product like this one, I always assume that designers spent a lot of time making that product beautiful, which is simply not enough to overcome its limitations in functionality. As it turns out, I was wrong, at least with the iOStand.

IOStand 2

When you take it out of its box, you’ll see that iOStand is as simple as it gets. You’ll basically receive a pedestal for your iPad in a form of weighted foot and elegant arm which ends up with an interestingly looking ball. As you can see from the pictures, this ball comes with a magnet attached to it. Now you must be wondering how I attached my iPad to this stand, and the answer lies in the iOAdapts. These are small steel washers which you need to attach to your iPad, and once attached they won’t make your iPad thicker since they are very small and light. These washers now can be pulled by magnets of iOStand, and as it turns out – this connection is quite strong and seems very reliable.

IOStand 3

What’s important to say is that previously mentioned ball which sits on top of iOStand can roll around its central axis, which means that you can rotate your iPad any way you like. This gives you the biggest possible flexibility in terms of ease of use and possible viewing angles, and I simply loved this feature. This is the best selling point of this product, since you can use your iPad in every possible scenario – from web browsing, to reading a recipe while standing in the kitchen.

IOStand 1

There are also some downsides to this stand, which need to be said. First of all, it is a real shame that arm isn’t retractable, so your iPad will be always up in the air. This means that you can accidently hit it, which will most certainly make it fall, facing the screen down. The same could be said for that magnetic connection, which does seem very strong now, but I am not sure how it will act in a few months and if it’ll become loose. These are all things for concern, and something to think about before making a purchase.

The iOStand is priced at $100 and comes in two colors: black and white. You can also purchase the version with stainless steel finish, which is priced at $120.


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