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PROS: Quality made. Attention to details.

CONS: Doesn’t offer a full protection. Lack of color options.

Pop Case 2When you decide to buy a case for your iOS device, you’ll quickly get overwhelmed with incredibly large choice. These cases come in all sizes and at all prices, so you can surely find the right fit. This also means that it’s very easy to make a mistake and invest your money somewhere you should not have. What I mean by this is there are nice looking, yet badly made cases which fall apart rather quickly. This is why it’s always a good idea to read reviews of these cases, since this is the only way to see how a case will behave over time and if it comes with some hidden features.

Today we are going to review a case named Pop Case, which is made by Incase. What’s interesting about this product is that it’s made only to fit the iPod Touch (5th generation), since most cases we review are made for iPhones and iPads. I guess that Incase tried to offer a niche product in order to get some profit, and I assume that this is a wise decision as long as it turns out that this is a quality made case.

Pop Case 3

The Pop Case comes in two vibrant colors and those are bright blue and pink (or salmon variant, if you like). It feels very nice in hand, and in fact it feels very quality made as well. It’s made of plastics, and I assume that it can take some hits and damages, so there’s that protective function. If you take a closer look at the pictures, you’ll also see that this case covers the edges of your iPod Touch, and spreads across its back. This gives some protection to the front and back side of iPod Touch since Pop Case is a bit extruded. On the other hand, your iPod won’t be completely protected, and it will get scratched very quickly. The bottom line is that this case can be seen as a protective case, but this looks and feels like a fashion accessory at the first place.

Pop Case 1

What I liked about the Pop Case is the amount of details that designers wanted to take care of. It’s very clear that designers at Incase tried to refine every single curve and line, and the result of that is quite noticeable. For example, once you place the Pop Case you’ll see that it covers the sleep/wake button as well as the volume controls, but leaves a hinge that acts as a tactile surface, not a button. Also, its bottom side doesn’t simply leave one large opening for the Lightning port, speaker, and headphone. Instead, you can find nicely designed holes for each of these ports, and a series of small holes for the speaker grille. This prevents dirt from getting into the ports, and it seems to work perfectly.

The Pop Case is one of the most interesting iPod Touch compatible cases. It doesn’t act as a full protective case, but it actually brings some protection and some very nice details as well. For a price of $30, I believe many will like this product.



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