PowerSnap 1Even though many expected that the iPhone 5 will bring wireless charging to the market, this did not happen. This technology seems very interesting and attractive to customers, since it’s got that “cool” factor, even though it can’t really bring anything innovative at this point in time. On the other hand, this is a technology which is under the constant development, and it promises a lot but needs much more work and further improvement.

Some designers and manufactures tried to profit from that hype which happened just before some rumors started to circulate, when people started believing that wireless charging is in the works. These manufacturers produced 3rd party wireless charging solutions for iPhone 5, but most of these were really unsuccessful, and they brought more trouble than they were actually useful.

PowerSnap 1

You’ve probably heard about Duracell, which is a company specialized in all kinds of batteries. Well as it turns out, Duracell is now selling the PowerSnap Kit – available only for iPhone 5. This is sold to be a part of the PowerMat system (sold separately), which is a wireless charging system made by Duracell, and which could be used with almost any smartphone. The PowerMat is actually only one part of this system, and that’s a surface onto which you place your phone. In case you already have this system, now you can purchase the PowerSnap Kit, so you can use your iPhone 5 with the PowerMat.

The PowerSnap Kit brings two products: AccessCase – which is a case made for your iPhone 5 which is used to inductively transfer power into iPhone; and there’s also SnapBattery – which is a removable backup battery of 1950mAh. This kit is currently priced at $100, and comes in black and white variants.

In order to wirelessly charge your iPhone 5, you’ll first need to place it into the AccessCase. This case is a little bit heavy, but what I really didn’t like about it is that bronze-looking Duracell extension which sits right under the Home button. This is a part of Duracell’s system, since it needs to be connected to the Lightning port. This case leaves some open space around this connector, which seems really odd and which makes your iPhone 5 even longer that it already is.

The other part of this system is removable backup battery which could be simply attached to the back of AccessCase. This battery brings capacity of 1950mAh, so you can theoretically double the battery life of your phone.

Just like with any other wireless charging solution, there are simply too many compromises which need to be made in order for this system to function. You’ll need a charging mat which always needs to be connected to a wall socket, and you’ll always need to have your phone placed in a case to enable inductive charging. If you really need some easy and quick charge, simply purchase an external battery which you can easily carry around and use on demand. There are some very small, yet high capacitive batteries, which cost a lot less than $100.


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