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PROS: Very interesting idea. Quality made product.

CONS: Adds a lot of bulk. Makes buttons inaccessible. Overpriced.

SkateCase 1Finnely crafted cases will always find a place on a market of iPhone accessories. It’s a general rule that Apple fans like well-crafted products which are finished by hand, and which are made of natural materials, so it’s no wonder that we can find so many unique iPhone accessories.

In this article we are going to talk about a case named SkateCase, which comes from a well-known company called Grove. If you follow our articles here on MacReview, than you probably know about those beautiful bamboo cases which also came from this company. Well, with a similar idea on mind, designers at Grove decided to offer an iPhone case made of skateboard offcuts. Continue reading to see if this case it really worth its price of $150.

There’s a very interesting idea behind a design of SkateCase. As the story tells, Grove approached Portland-based skateboard maker PS Stix and asked if they could use colorful skateboard offcuts. These are actually small pieces, or ribbons, of maple plywood which are already colored as they become offcuts. This is how Grove uses these leftovers, by gluing them together to make a unified block, and then a machine is used to finely shape that block into an iPhone case. But there’s more to this process, since this case is not fully made of wood, but it’s actually very similar to previously reviewed Bamboo case.

SkateCase 2

If you take a look at the SkateCase, you’ll see a plastic inner layer, which is actually a material which surrounds your iPhone. This plastic layer sits all around your phone, and spreads across the front side of this case, so you’ll clearly see it surrounding iPhone’s screen and its whole front side. What more, this plastic layer is connected to a wood using a very thin foam layer, which gives extra protection and also serves as a shock absorbent. All of these layers are very quality made and firmly connected with each other, and this is surely one of the most quality made cases I’ve ever seen. It is also important to say that all those final touches are made by hand, so the case is polished with oil to bring out texture and bright colors, and all openings are also finely brushed by hand.

SkateCase 3

Speaking of those openings, this is where we come to a first problem. All of these layers that you can find within the SkateCase are very interesting and nice, but combined they are quite thick. This means that openings are surrounded by a large dent, so not everyone will be able to access them with ease. I did have some problems reaching volume control buttons, since they seem to be inaccessible. Perhaps Grove should have made wood buttons which will cover these, if that could solve this problem.

The biggest problem with this case is its price. I do understand that a lot of work and dedication needs while these cases are turned into finished products, but $150 seems very exaggerated. This is a real shame, since many potential customers will decide to pass, which means that this case will hardly reach its well-deserved popularity.



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