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PROS: Quality made. Premium materials. Excellent protection.

CONS: A bit overpriced. Magnets are too much sensitive.

Folio style cases usually offer the most elegant way to fully protect your tablet. As you surely know, tablets simply attract dirt, smudges, and scratches so it’s very important to properly protect them. On the other hand, many of us use tablets at work (besides using them at home or anywhere else), so any kind of protection you buy needs to look sharp and elegant as well. This is why folio cases are usually the best choice for tablets, and there are numerous types which come in different materials and shapes. These small and sometimes very subtle differences will determine if a product can make a profit and succeed.

In this article we are going to talk about a folio case made for iPad mini. It’s called Toffee Slim Folio, and comes from a company named Toffee which produces very elegant wallets, bags, and cases made for smartphones and tablets. Even though this company has been around for several years now, it became known for leather sleeves and cases which are specifically designed for iPhones and iPads.

Toffee Slim Folio 1

Once you take a look at the Toffee Slim Folio you’ll immediately realize that this is a well-made product. It feels great in hand, and upon tactile inspection I’ve discovered that genuine leather is actually covering a very hard internal shell which is there to protect your iPad mini. This internal shell is not visible in any major visual aspect of this product since it’s covered with leather over its exterior, while there’s also a very soft microfiber cloth that’s covering the inside of Toffee Slim Folio. You can actually see the black plastic shell only at edges and around some ports and openings.

When it comes to ports and openings, they are fully exposed. The buttons are reachable but you can expect for them to be a bit recessed because this case comes with solid plastic structure which builds up some thickness. But what’s important is that buttons and ports are fully usable.

Toffee Slim Folio 2

As you can expect, Toffee Slim Folio comes with magnets with automatically lock and unlock your iPad mini. The thing is that they’re very sensitive and even the slightest movement will probably unlock your tablet. This isn’t too big of an issue since there’s a very strong “lock” mechanism which is consisted of a tab and a slot which are made of leather so you can be assured that the case won’t get opened by accident. This leather tab and slot are also used to fold the case into a stand and to secure reversed connection so everything will stay in its place.

There are a lot of things to like about Toffee Slim Folio. It is quality made and offers great protection, and you can even find it in several different color combinations (red, blue, black, and pink). The only thing to be concerned about is how sensitive those locking magnets are, and there is also a question if $69.95 is too much for an iPad mini case.


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