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PROS: Nicely designed. Easy to use. One of the best organizational tools.

CONS: iCloud only available with the Mac App Store version.

Together 3 3

If you stop and think for a moment about the amount of daily information that pass in front of your eyes, you’ll be probably amazed. Most of us are in the center of a big clutter made of all kinds of documents and files which are now presented digital. So instead having a large pile of papers, now you’ve got a massive clutter made of files and folders. This is why there are so many digital assistants that you can use, and you can find most of them within the Mac App Store.

This article is about an application called Together 3, which is a well-known organizer that’s able of handling almost any kind of data. As you can see, we’ll talk about its third big revision, which can only tell you how popular this application is and that it has a certain potential.

Once you open Together 3 for the first time, even if you haven’t used any of those cataloging or organizing apps before, you’ll immediately see some familiar elements. This app is very OSX-friendly, even more than its previous version, and presents information through three large columns (or areas) which are located bellow very large toolbar. One of these three areas is the left positioned sidebar which holds sources of stored data, as well as different kinds of groupings. These can be user-handled or smart folders, as well as some preloaded folders which can automatically list all images, documents, notes, and so on. In the center there’s yet another column, which is used to show content of a selected source (or a folder), while the rightmost area is used to show that content in its fullest. This way you can see that Together 3 comes with a very familiar interface that’s very logical and easy to use. Once you decide to dig deeper into this app, you’ll be surprised by how many interesting features you can find and use.

Together 3 1

As posted above, you can organize files by placing them in different folders and lists. What you can also use are tags. These can help you while you search for a specific file, and Together 3 also brings automated listings once you pick one or a group of tags. This all eases up finding the right file so you don’t have to be extremely organized about your data.

Together 3 is also used for editing, and you can open files in new tabs so you can edit more than one at the same time. Also, if you click on any other file type, this app will automatically open assigned app that can be used to play or edit that specific file.

Together 3 2

Finally, if you buy Together 3 using the Mac App Store you’ll get to use iCloud-enabled features. This way you can store libraries online and share them across several Macs. In case you’re worried about safety, the good news is that you encrypt specific files as well as your whole library.

Together 3 is priced at $40, but this is the best organizational tool that you currently find. It’s easy to use and it’s packed with excellent features, so all of us can find at least one use for this application.



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