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PROS: Interestingly designed. Affordable. Easy to set up.

CONS: Bumper seems to be easily tearable. Can't pass power to iPhone while recharging.

Powercase 1500, by Ventev scr1We’ve already reviewed a lot of interesting iPhone cases, which is a very interesting product category, which seems to be increasingly popular. After all, a battery case is able of doubling iPhone’s life, which is something we all crave for. There’s are also many users who aren’t able to frequently charge their phones, who are working or living somewhere remote, and there are also those outdoor-types who like adventures. These are all types of iPhone users who can benefit the most out of these cases.

Today we are going to get a deeper look at Powercase 1500mAh, by Ventev. This is the battery case made for iPhone 5 which brings 1500mAh battery inside, and which is currently priced at $80. It seems that this case is strongly competing with Mophie’s Helium case, which brings exactly the same battery capacity, for the same price.

First, let’s see if this is a nicely built case and what kind of design it brings. The Ventev Powercase 1500mAh isn’t as elegant as Mophie’s Helium, but it comes with some advantages. For example, it comes with its own bumper which is extruded a bit over iPhone’s edges so it protects its screen. It only comes in its soft gray and matte finish, so there are no other variants to choose from. You place your phone simply by sliding it onto the bottom side of this case, connect the Lightning port, and than position the bumper which will seal this whole system. I also need to say that this bumper seems quite thin at some parts, so I believe that you can completely tear it apart if you plan on taking it off frequently.

Powercase 1500 2

The Ventev Powercase 1500mAh is differently designed than Mophie’s Helium only in its bottom part. This case is a bit extended over the Lightning port where its connector is located and which is something you need to expect from any battery case. What’s interesting with this case is that this extruded part surrounds only the Lightning port, and doesn’t spread on any other side. This means that you can easily use the headphone port without any extenders, and iPhone’s built-in speaker is easily reachable as well. This is the main advantage over Mophie’s Helium, but comes with a price since this case is a bit thicker which is something that many users won’t like.

When it comes to performance, the Powercase promises to deliver 1500mAh battery. This is a bit smaller than most iPhone 5 battery cases, but should bring additional 75% of iPhone’s full charge cycle. In practice you can expect up to 70%, which is still a very good result. This case is also vey fast, and is able to give you that 70% of full charge cycle in about an hour.

If you need a bit smaller, yet affordable battery case, two main competitors are Mophie’s Helium and Ventev’s Powercase 1500. The main differences are in design, since they deliver the same performance results, and they cost exactly the same.


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