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PROS: Interesting idea. Tailored workouts. Effective.

CONS: Demands a lot of time and effort to work effectively.

vitness 3In case you’d like to use your iPhone as a fitness digital assistant, you can choose one of several very popular fitness trackers. These products are usually wristbands or small dongles that you carry around, and they are constantly taking measurements which could be reviewed on your phone. In general, these products can be really helpful if you’re trying to stay fit and motivated, and if you need detailed info on your daily activities and burned or consumed calories.

We already reviewed most of those bestselling fitness trackers, and you can find all those articles right here on MacReview, so in case you’re interested in purchasing a new fitness tracker I would suggest reading those articles. The thing is that all of those are useful if utilized correctly, however they are made to work differently and you’ll probably pick the one which suits your lifestyle the best. In order to ease up that decision, we’re bringing you today a review of another interesting tracker, called Vitness Rx.

Vitness Rx 1

To be fair, Vitness Rx is not just a tracker, but a full-featured system which is monitoring your health and providing you tailored workouts. The system consists of a chest-strap (which acts as a heart-rate monitor), a dongle which needs to be plugged-in to your iPhone, armband which holds your phone while you exercise, and finally there’s an iOS app which brings all that collected data together. The starter kit costs $100 and has all of those things we mentioned, and gives you a promo code for the Vitness Rx iOS app.

Now let’s see how this whole system actually work. Vitness Rx is designed to measure your heart rate variability (HRV) in order to determine how vigorously you can exercise today, and its iOS app will show you a set of exercises according to your today’s physical condition. In order for Vitness Rx to measure your HRV you’ll need to place a chest-strap right after you wake up in the morning. Now plug in provided dongle into your phone, and start Vitness Rx iOS app. Now you’ll need to click on “Assessment” and it will guide you through the process during which this app will receive info about your heart rate and breathing data, which will give you a final score. According to that score you’ll get to see your today’s workout which could be: Heating, Grounding, or Cooling type.

Vitness Rx 2

Once you decide it’s time for a workout, simply place your iPhone into provided armband, put on a chest-strap, and insert the dongle as well. This will make Vitness Rx keep track of your condition while you exercise. You’ll get to see a short video which highlights today’s workout session, and after that you can use your iPhone to review a workout and see how it’s going.

If you’re thinking that Vitness Rx demands a lot of time and effort to work properly, you’re probably right. It does demand an effort to run daily assessments, and when you decide to workout you’ll need to place several devices onto yourself and keep track of them through your iPhone. For me this didn’t work since I don’t like being distracted that much while I workout, but this doesn’t mean that Vitness Rx is ineffective. As I said earlier, it’s up to your habits and lifestyle, which will determine the perfect fitness tracker.


  1. Hello! For some reason I am just seeing this review! Just wanted to say “Thank You” for taking the time to demo the product and post an article. I felt the review ways very fair and it helps me to refine the concept for version 2. If you send me a direct name and email I will make sure to alert you to the next iteration, to be released before summer. It will be less “work” to use, with more app engagement with the user throughout the day. Until then, thanks for all the great work!


    Founder, Vitness Rx


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