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PROS: Interesting idea. Relatively easy to set up. CONS: App is limited in many ways. Won’t work with all devices.

Today there are numerous ways to enjoy media content which is trying to be as interactive as possible. This means that now you can use your smartphone or your tablet to enjoy some TV channel, and even TVs entered a new digital era with their smart functions. I won’t even mention hundreds or models of DVD and Blu-ray players and all kinds of customizable cable box sets. This all means that there are good chances that you’re using two or even more remote controllers, which can easily make enjoyment in your favorite TV show quite complicated. This is why you can find a number of interesting all-in-one remotes which can be used to control more than one device at the same time, which does seem like a good solution to a previously explained situation. But as it turns out, now you can use your iOS device as a remote controller as well.

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As you can assume, in order to use your iOS device as a remote controller you’ll need to buy a 3rd party accessory named VooMote Zapper. This is a small dongle that needs to be placed into iPhone’s or iPad’s port (currently you can only use it with devices which feature 30-pin connector) so it can emit infrared signal. Since this signal needs to be accepted by your TV or any other device, you are going to need to point this dongle at that particular device. This means that you’ll be holding your iPhone upside down, with its Home button on the top side. It takes some time getting used to it, especially if you multitask and use some other app at the same time.

Besides plugging in a dongle, you will also need to install VooMote Zapper iOS app, which can be downloaded for free from the iOS App Store. This application is needed to add devices that you want to control, and to fine-tune settings, buttons, and other controls. You’ll first need to add a room and then choose the type of device. This helps you get better organized so you don’t get confused if you’re using VooMote Zapper to control several TVs across your home. In order for VooMote Zapper to work you’ll need to choose a brand of controlled device, and you’ll need to insert the model number. This app offers several ways to discover the exact model number, since sometimes it can be tricky to find it. You can even point to the old remote for information to be pulled into VooMote Zapper, which is probably the easiest way to go through installation process.

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When it comes to usability, this app will do the job. The only question is if you really want to use your iPhone as your only remote on a daily basis. The same goes for iOS-powered tablets. Even though this sounds like a good idea, I see VooMote Zapper as something that’s nice to have around but which can’t yet replace good-old universal remote controller.

Prices for VooMote Zapper range from $25 up to $60, so in case you’re interested in purchasing this product I would suggest looking around for the best price.


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