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PROS: Can be useful if utilized right.

CONS: Interface needs polishing. Discovery algorithm isn’t perfect.

Walknote 1There are thousands of ways to discover a new music, and the most popular services are already embedded into your most popular player. We all benefit from these discovery services, since you get the chance to find more songs from your favorite artist, or perhaps you can find your new favorite band this way. On the other hand, iTunes (for example, since we are Apple-themed website) benefits in terms of profit, and not to mention those large record labels.

Perhaps you’re not aware of this, but millions of dollars are being invested in music discovery databases which are becoming increasingly popular over time, since most of these now come with advanced algorithms which scan the music you already own as well as your listening and buying preferences.

Even though you find most of these discovery services embedded into music players, there are also some standalone applications which act as a tool to find new music. One of these applications is Walknote, and we’re going to review it in this article. Walknote is completely free to download and use.

Walknote 2

What’s interesting about Walknote is that it’s able to scan your entire iTunes library, and in case you’ve got more than one music library you’ll be able to choose the one you’d like to use. Besides this, Walknote can receive user input in terms of favorite or preferred music, so you can manually enter which artists you like listening to. Now this application will take all of this data into a calculation, and present you with hundreds of new choices.

Once you open Walknote (after you’ve properly set it up) you’ll get to an interface which somewhat resembles iTunes’ Music Store. There are going to be three most prominent suggestions on top of the page, and below that you’ll see two rows of artwork. The middle-positioned row presents you with recommended mix, and you’ll be able to choose a mix according to a music genre. You’ll see artwork area which is consists of four smaller artwork of the artists which are the most prominent in that group. The bottom-positioned row lists only new releases, so you can always keep up to date with your favorite artists.

If you decide to go into one of those Walknote’s suggestions, you’ll be greeted with a screen which shows a very large thumbnail of a suggested artists/songs, and you’ll be able to view YouTube clips, or iTunes snippets. As you can imagine, you can also use iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, and LastFM to listen to that particular song, or to purchase it.

This application is all about music discovery. It takes some time until it learns to show more accurate and reliable results, which is very hard to get if your library is filled with only a hundred songs. In case you’ve got a massive iTunes library, than you’ll surely benefit more from this app.

Walknote can be very helpful, but only in some cases. If you’ve got a massive iTunes library and if you’re willing to fine-tune manual entry, than this app is for you. If you’re not so serious about your music, Walknote can be a waste of time.


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