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PROS: Very quality made and very usable. Strong protection. Affordable. CONS: Problems with covered buttons.

Most of us tend to use at least one iPhone case which is there to protect the phone from scratches and more serious damages. It depends on your needs and your sense of aesthetics, but you can find cases in all forms and sizes, different materials and colors. When it comes to choosing the one that’s going to be used on a daily basis, most of us will incline towards a specific case type. For me personally, that’s going to be a wallet case.

I am not a big fan of iPhone cases, even though I’ve reviewed and used some very elegant and thin ones. When it comes to iPhone wallet cases, things are different. I like these because of their dual role, and because I don’t like wearing a wallet every place I go to. So these cases are the perfect choice, and I believe that there are a lot of iPhone users which feel the same way. The only problem is that most wallet cases bring a lot of added bulk and most of them are seriously limited in some way, which means that some will make their wallet role a primary one, while others will do the other way around.

Wallet Stand 1

In this article we are going to show you a brand new wallet case, made by Arctic Accessories, which is probably the first one to successfully combine its equally important two roles. It’s called the Wallet Stand and it’s priced at $25. This product is made for iPhone 5.

Once you take the Wallet Stand for the first time, you’ll immediately realize that this is a well-made product. It uses polyurethane and polycarbonate to protect your phone and give a very strong and firm structure, while there’s also some fabric on the back which provides a wallet functionality. Speaking of it only as a case I need to say that it’s incredibly well designed and offer a full protection. It tries to completely cover your phone, leaving openings only for the camera, the speaker, the Lightning port, and for the microphone and headphone port. This means that the sleep/wake and volume buttons are covered. Even though I really liked at first that these buttons are covered, it turns out to be a big problem. It seems that it needs some extra strength to push them in order for these to activate, so I assume that there are some design flaws on the inside. This is probably the only thing I really didn’t like about the Wallet Stand.

Wallet Stand 2

When it comes to using it as a wallet, I’ve got only good things to say. Wallet is made of fabric and it’s actually a small pouch that allows you to place two cards, some cash, or a key. It is quality made and the stitching is really nice, so I don’t expect any problems with it in the long run. It’s also important to say that you can choose from red, gray, orange, and pink fabric.

As it name says, you can use this case as a stand by properly positioning the tab on the back. This is a feature which works really well, and I was very pleased with it.


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