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PROS: Useful.

CONS: Lacks focus. Unattractive interface. Overpriced.

Yourtrip 4Planning a trip requires a lot of effort and time, especially if you’re in charge of planning a vacation for several people. In order for a trip to go without any problems, it is important to stay on top of things and to predict any future issues. Luckily, there are numerous apps that you can use on your Mac to plan a trip, and these applications come in different forms and at a different price ranges.

In this review we’ll tell you about an application called YourtTrip (which sounds a bit odd, because I haven’t made a typo and it’s not YourTrip, but instead YourtTrip). It can purchased using the Mac App Store, and currently it’s priced at $20. Since it seems like this is a premium priced product, I was very interested to see what features this application holds and how useful it actually is.

YourtTrip 3

Once you open YourtTrip on your OSX, you’ll see an interface which is clearly made to resemble iOS interface elements. In general, I am not a big fan of this, especially if a developer already has an iOS app and is now porting it to OSX. This is not the case with YourtTrip, since there’s no iOS-compatible app, so I not sure why developers decided to imitate it and go this way. Still, some people will like this design, while others could have a problem with it, so that’s very individual.

YourtTrip offers five main features, which are named: Itinerary, Packing, Budget, Expenses, and Photo. Now we’ll briefly explain what all of these tools are made for.

YourtTrip 2

The Itinerary can be used to create a timeline of every important checkpoint of your trip. For example, you can neatly organize every single step of your vacation and add flight info, hotel arrival time, car rental info, all kinds of reservations, and similar stuff. YourtTrip is able of creating a very clear timeline, which can certainly help you keeping all aspects of your trip in mind and organizing it to its full potential.

Speaking of Packing, this feature allows you to create a list of stuff you need to pack and you can actually choose those things from a preloaded list of items (and you can also create your own). This can also serve as a to-do list.

YourtTrip 1

YourtTrip can also help you set up budget and expenses, and keep track of money flow. You’ll get to use a spreadsheet where you need to enter needed information like category (food, accommodation, transport…), details, notes, and projected expenses.

Finally, YourtTrip is also able to store vacation photos, so you can go back in time and review the trips you’ve had.

This application can help you organize a trip, but it’s not focused and tries to offer all-in-one. It certainly needs more work for all those mentioned features to be really polished and more useful, and its interface needs some redesign as well. Currently for a price of $20, I would suggest looking into some of its competitors, which are far more affordable (and some are even free).


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