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PROS: Very interesting concept. Nicely designed UI. Rich content. CONS: None.

It is no secret that iPad is the most popular with college students, even though this is the bestselling tablet out there and it’s being used by millions of people. By targeting their tablet as a study tool, Apple invested incredible amounts of money in trying to create a momentum of promoting iBook Author as a tool using which you can create textbooks which could be later sold through iTunes Store. This is an ongoing project which is trying to reach the students, but there are also other ways you can use your iPad in your everyday student life.

Boundless is a service which is trying to save you some money by offering alternative textbooks instead of those very expensive ones. It started as online service, but now offers full-featured iOS app, available on iPhones and iPads as well. This is not a full replacement for official textbooks, nor is it trying to replace similar iBook textbooks, but instead it’s creating its own category of learning materials. Let’s see how this system works and what iOS users can get from it.

Boundless 2

Boundless for iOS is completely free to download and could be found in the iOS app store. Once you open it for the first time you’ll be greeted by a welcome message which will explain some starting points. The application is nicely designed and embraces currently popular flat design in almost every aspect of its user interface, which works very well in this case. You don’t pay for using this app, nor there’s any kind of subscription, but you’ll need to pay for a textbook which you can download and use. Each digital textbook is priced at $20, so you can really save a lot of money if you find the one which can help you. There are over 20 categories like accounting, art history, biology, business, and more.

Boundless 3

Once you buy a new textbook, you’ll get access to it instantly and this includes flash cards and quizzes as well. Flat design is present even while you flip pages of those textbooks, which are nicely designed and which focus on text and images. They are very easy on eyes, and you’ll get to create your own notes and highlight parts of text, just like you would do with a standard textbook. Each of those textbooks are written by experts, according to developers at Boundless, and they feature very rich and interactive content. In order to see if a specific textbook will fit your needs, you can view its contents and preview some pages, which should be enough to see if you’ve got the right book.

In case you’re a student trying to get access to some quality learning material, I would certainly recommend trying Boundless for iOS. It’s affordable, nicely designed, and brings rich and interactive content. So in case your professor doesn’t have its own book that you’re obligated to use (which is not the case with most professors, in all fairness), than Boundless could step in and give you some much needed help.


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