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PROS: Interesting design and concept. CONS: Performance issues. Bugs and glitches. Limited functionality.

These days a lot of work can be done through an e-mail. Communication between team members, as well as communication between employer and a freelance designer (to give you one example) is usually done through an e-mail and Skype. In these situations it’s important to communicate not only by typing down all your questions and remarks, but also to use some visual guidelines and to present information in a clear visual manner. That’s why a lot of annotation apps are currently popular, which are used to draw rectangles, arrows, and text, on top of a screenshot. This way you can simply pinpoint some problem, without spending a lot of time explaining where the problem is and how it needs to get fixed.

There are a lot of annotation tools created for OSX, and probably the most popular one at a moment is called Skitch. You can find a review of this application right here on MacReview, as well as articles which are explaining some other similar apps like Glui and Napkin. In this article we are going to take a look at another annotation tool, but the main difference is that this one is made for iOS devices.

Bugshot 1

Having an annotation tool on your iOS device seems like a very good idea. If you’re testing or creating a new iOS app, this would be the perfect way to pinpoint a problem in code by taking a screenshot, drawing some arrows to show where it’s located, and to send that image to a client. And this is what an application named Bugshot is designed to do.

Bugshot is available in the iOS app store for $1. It comes from a developer who already created Instapaper and The Magazine, which are both very popular. Contrary to these two applications, Bugshot is a very small and focused app which allows you to mark up images with arrows and boxes, as well as to blur sensitive parts.

Now let’s see how this app works. Once you open it you’ll get to see all your screenshots which are already in the Photos app. It will also actively search for any new screenshot, which will appear in Bugshot once you take it. You’ll get to see previews of those images and scroll them until you find the one you’d like annotate. Simply tap on that one and it will stretch across the screen. You’ll get to use only three tools: arrow, box, and blur. Tap and drag to activate and draw them, or simply tap on a finished shape to delete it. It doesn’t get any easier than this. I don’t see why there’s no text tool, which seems essential for the app like this one, and those three tools are simply not enough. You can find some free apps which come with more tools and which are more usable than this one.

It seems that too much time was spent of making this app look great and iOS7 ready. This means that it’s very limited in functionality, and performance is not as good as expected. It crashed from time to time, and scrolling images and be sometimes glitchy. It seems like Bugshot was released in a rush, and doesn’t feel like a finished and polished product.


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