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PROS: Small, but very interesting upload tool. A few interesting innovations. CONS: None.

When it comes to cloud storage services, it seems that pretty much everything is already out there, and all you have to do is see those offers and choose one. However as it turns out, cloud storage is only at its beginning and still trying out different ways to get to your computers, tablets, and smartphones as well.

If you’re an iOS device user, than you’re probably using Apple’s own iCloud to share files and keep different kinds of data in sync. As you also know, there’s Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, and many more which are all trying to convince you that their offer is the best. There are also those startups which are trying to offer something new and innovative, and I am a big fan of those, especially if they create an OSX app which is not a typical upload tool. That’s why I am going to tell you about CloudUp and its OSX app.

CloudUp 2

I am not going to spend too many words on what CloudUp can do and if you should choose it over any other popular cloud storage solution. Those things are easy to find out, and all I am going to say on that subject is that CloudUp does bring some small tweaks and other interesting enhancements which may intrigue you to try out this service. I am going to focus on its OSX app, which is its official upload tool.

Once you sign-up for a free CloudUp account, you’ll get a change to upload 1000 files and that’s going to be the limit. On the other hand, those 1000 files can be up to 200MB each which can give you up to potential 200GB of online storage, which is an incredible amount. That’s why CloudUp came up with its own upload tool that simply sits in OSX’s menu bar, waiting to be utilized.

In order to upload files, simply drag one or more files onto CloudUp’s icon and the uploading process will begin. What’s interesting about this is that you’ll receive a URL of that file and it’s going to be automatically copied to a clipboard. This way you can paste it to an email, and send it without spending time waiting for upload to finish. So, for example, if you’re sending a 200MB file and you send a link to it immediately, the person who wants to see it will click on that link and that file will be shown as a preview file along with the percentage of completion. If you send a bunch of different files, all those files will be shown as previews until their upload is completed. This goes for videos, documents, pictures, and almost any other kind of files.

By clicking on CloudUp’s menu bar icon you’ll be able to see your online dashboard (which is where your files are stored), as well as some of your recent uploads. This is also where you can go to Preferences, and you can adjust how this app behaves.

In case you’re still searching for the perfect cloud sync solution, than I advise you to take a look at CloudUp and its OSX upload tool. It brings something new and different, all wrapped up in a nicely looking design.


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