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Defender Series Case for iPhone 5/5s is the latest addition in Otterbox family. Keeping up with its brand, this new line offers a high level of protection against dust, scratches, smudges, bumps, drops and shock. The gadget almost feels like a brick with the casing on.
It also comes in a wide range of inner and outer layer colors, a total of 72 color combinations.

Months ago, we reviewed one of the most popular product made by Otterbox, the Defender Series iPhone 4/4s casing.   It failed to fully impress us even though it is reliable in terms of iPhone protection.  You can read our previous review to know why we were disappointed with that line.

However, recently, Otterbox released a new Defender Series case specifically made for iPhone 5 and 5s.  Although it has the same product name,  the latest line is completely different in packaging and design compared to the old one.

The rugged case design seems to be a common feature in the Defender Series, and this look carries on to the new version for iPhone 5/5s cases.  It may look like an ordinary case from the photos you see online, don’t be fooled though, this cover has unique features that makes it stand out from its competitors.

Defender Series 1

iPhone 5/5s Defender Series comes in four pieces that requires a simple skill in assembling accessory parts.  To guide you through it, take the back and front plastic hard shells and place them appropriately in your iPhone.  Think of it as a peanut butter sandwhich: plastic hard shells are the bread and your iPhone is the  peanut butter spread (yum!!)    The case snaps together pretty tightly, and the click sound is produced from the two small arm-like hooks found in both covers.  Moving along, fit the rubber slipcover around the inner plastic case, this second layer of protection absorbs impact from bumps and drops.  Lastly, secure the rotating belt-clip holster at the back cover.  This holster also doubles as a media kickstand.

What makes this design outstanding and thoroughly thought of aside from the three layers of protection mentioned above, is it also comes with built-in screen protector, preventing scratches and smudges.  We like the clear screen protector, because it looks and feels barely there when touching the screen.   A small silicone flap also covers the mute switch, headphone and lightning port.  Others may find this unnecessary, but I believe it is made to prevent dust and moisture in the ports.  The speakers, microphone and sensors are not covered, so listening to music, making calls, taking pictures and capturing videos are not affected.

Bare in mind that this case is not water-proof as what Otterbox brand cases are  known for.  Apparently, it is still bulky from the layers of protective cushion but the high-quality and strong design somehow outweighs the flaw.  Speaking of design, this high-impact iPhone case comes in nine various colors for inner cover, and eight different ones for the rubber silicon – a total of 72 color combinations.  Special printed inner cases are also available in their official website,  this only shows that rugged iPhone cases need not to be boring, it can also be fun, casual and pleasant to look at.

The new iPhone 5/5s case addition in Otterbox Defender Series is priced at $59.90, special printed cases for $64.95 and their current offer of $49.95 for black-black combination.  The current price and number of colors available may have change, so better check-out Otterbox official website for the latest update.


Provides incredible protection. Custom color combinations.




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