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PROS: Unique and very interesting product. Quality made. Enhances iPad gaming. CONS: None.

Even after reviewing all kinds of iOS-compatible accessories, I still get blown away by a product which comes up to the market as a completely new and innovative idea. It seems that iOS devices are still at the beginning at reaching their full potential, and the biggest part of that job is waiting for creative and hardworking developers and designers.

In today’s article we are going to show you a product named Dice+. Simply said, this is a cube which can be used to play a number of games on your iPad. This is actually a full featured controller made for a number of board games, which feature built-in battery and Bluetooth 4.0 connection in order to communicate with your tablet. It is priced at $40.

Dice+ 2

Dice+ is, just like its name says, a dice used to play board games. Once you start using it, illumined numbers will appear on all six sides, so when you throw it, it will communicate with a specific game and enter the appropriate number. Just like you would play any other board game in a good old-fashioned way. It’s nicely designed and brings a touch of future, if I can say it like that. Once you start using it, your friends are surely going to be surprised since those illuminated numbers are able of flashing and they change colors too. This is simply one of those accessories which is really fun to use and it’s made for that “wow factor”.

Once you purchase it, you’ll receive 6 games that you can download from the iOS app store, a pouch for keeping the dice, a micro USB cable, and the Dice+. Currently, there are 12 games available and more will come. In order for their applications to work with the Dice+, developers need to include extra code, so that’s why you’ll be able to use it only with those 12 approved apps at the moment. In order to use it, simply pick it up with your hand, and if you leave it inactive for more than 2 minutes it will automatically turn off. It’s also important to say that its built-in battery is able of 10 hours of play and takes about 2 hours to be fully charged.

Dice+ 3

Even though it looks simple, the Dice+ hides a very advanced technology inside. There’s included proximity sensor as well as accelerometer and even magnetic field sensor. It could be said that that’s a real small computer inside because of a full featured circuit board. After I’ve been presented with all those technical information and about the time developers took in order to create this device, I assumed that its price is going to be very high, so I was surprised to see that it’s priced at $40. Sure, this isn’t the most affordable thing, but it’s surely worth the money. What’s most important is that it actually works well in practice, and can really enhance experience of iPad gaming.


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