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PROS: Nicely designed UI. Supports multiple accounts. Snippets. Works with other iOS apps. CONS: No unified inbox. No push messages.

During the last few months it seems that the iOS App Store has been overcrowded with third party e-mail clients. This all started with Mailbox, which brought some innovative gestures and advanced controls that you were not able to find in Apple’s Mail app. From that time an abundance of e-mail clients came, and they all claimed that they bring something new, different, and innovative.

Up to this day we have reviewed a number of these applications, and those articles can really help you in choosing the one that will perfectly fit your needs. After all, these are paid applications so it’s always a good idea to spend some time investigating if your investment will pay off. With this said, today we are going to review an application named Dispatch. This is yet another iOS e-mail client, but which seems to focus on dealing with your messages on a completely different level. Continue reading to see if this application is worth trying.

Dispatch 2

Once you download and open Dispatch for the first time you’ll immediately see its first big advantage over similar apps. This advantage is actually the ability to use not only your Gmail account, but also iCloud, Yahoo, and a number of other IMAP-based accounts. You’ll be able to add more than one account, and once you swipe to the right you’ll be able to see a list of available ones. Speaking of gestures, they are very similar to gestures found in any new e-mail client like Mailbox. This means that if you swipe left, you’ll see options for deleting, starring, marking as spam, labeling as read/unread, and similar. If you continue swiping to the left you’ll archive that particular message. As we said earlier, if you swipe to the right you’ll see a list of accounts (so you can switch between them), snippets, and settings.

If you’re one of those who receive a large number of e-mails throughout the day, Dispatch has a tool to help you respond and deal with those messages. This tool is called “snippets”, and they are basically preloaded responses. You can save and edit your own responses and easily add them to any new message. This way you can simply insert it, slightly change that snippet according to a message, and send it. This can really save you a lot of time and can be very useful.

Dispatch 1

Another useful feature is ability to take information from an e-mail message and process it with an appropriate iOS app. This means that you can collect information from a message and open applications like Evernote, 1Password, Due, Clear, Pocket, and many more. You’ll be able to easily add new calendar items, or create new to-do lists with the information from your e-mail message. There are actually 22 iOS apps which work with Dispatch at the moment.

Even though this e-mail client it completely amazing, it lacks two very important and possibly essential features. First, there’s no unified inbox which I believe is always necessary if you’re dealing with multiple accounts. The other issue is that there’s no push notifications. On the other hand, both of these features are promised by developers and are expected very soon.

Dispatch could be found in the iOS App Store, and it’s currently priced at $5.


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