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PROS: Nicely designed interface. Easy and fun to use. Can be very effective. CONS: Some will see Full as an overly simple app. There’s some space for improvement and new features.

In case you need some help to say on top of things, than you can use your iPhone as a very reliable digital assistant. This can be done thanks to hundreds of incredibly helpful productivity apps that you can browse throughout the iOS App Store, where you can find free and paid apps to help you get started.

We already reviewed a number of popular to-do applications which are there to help you keep track of your obligations for the current day as well as the future, so today we are going to show you another interesting app which could keep you motivated towards your goal. This application is not a to-do app, nor a regular productivity app. Instead, it could be said that this is a goal tracker, which keeps track of your progress towards desired goal, and notifies you if you begin slacking off. This application is called Full, and could be purchased for $2 right from the iOS App Store.

Full 1

Full is actually a very simple app, but which could be very effective. You’ll basically need to set a monthly goal, and each time you perform that activity you’ll need to report it to this app. This way you can always see if you’re on track of your monthly goal, or if you’re just a little bit behind, or if you’re in a “danger zone”. These three categories are going to be differently colored: green, yellow, and red, and you’ll be able to see the report right after you open Full. Now let’s see how exactly this application works.

Full scr2

Once you open Full you’ll be able to add a new goal. Simply name it, and enter a number which should correspond to how many times you’d like that particular activity to occur. For example, you can say that you’d like to run five times a week, or if you’d like to read three books this month. Now simply tap on “Set Goal” and you’ll be able to see the report in the main screen. In case your goal changes, you can select the particular one and simply add or subtract the number to edit it. All these changes are going to be updated in the main screen. After a full month of use is passed, you’ll be able to review its history and see how many goals you’ve accomplished so you can make plans for the future.

Full is incredibly simple application, but if you take some time and commit to it, it will surely produce valuable results. It brings something new to the iOS App Store and opens up its own sub-category, so I am very interested to see how well this application is going to perform. I would also like to see some new features, so I’ll keep my eye on future updates, since this can fully justify its price.

Some people will see Full as an overly simple goal tracker, but I see a very good foundation for a very powerful iOS application.


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