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PROS: Two modes: desktop and mobile. Reliable and good performance. Affordable. CONS: No notifications.

If you’re one of those Facebook users who check their Wall for new posts a few times a day, than it’s a very good idea to use one of those OSX applications which provide you with quick access to your Facebook profile. So instead of going to Facebook.com and logging-in every time you want to check for new posts, you can have a small menu bar app which is there all the time, and which opens up your account with just one click.

The main problem with those Facebook ports for OSX is that they are just that – ports. This means that you can’t expect reliable performance of a native app, and in most cases these little apps are severely limited. When they try to include additional features this usually ends up in a complicated code and attempt which ends up crashing. Since this can be a waste of money in most cases, we already reviewed several of those so you can avoid purchasing an unreliable app. Right here on MacReview.com you can find reviews of Moment and MenuTab, which are two good examples of Facebook integration. Today we are bringing you yet another solution, which turns out to be probably the best one yet.

Head for Facebook 1

Head for Facebook, which is its official name, can be found in the OSX App Store and is currently priced at only $1. It is designed to give you quick access to your Facebook profile, without opening your web browser. This app is different than other similar apps in terms of its presence on your desktop. As it turns out, once you download and install Head for Facebook, you’ll receive that well-known Facebook chat bubble which will float on your desktop, from where you can open up your profile. This actually works well, it’s nicely designed, and doesn’t get in your way. Once you click on the bubble, the rest of your screen will blur or became darken, so you can focus on the app. You can adjust blur/darken settings, so you can choose the one you prefer. You can also adjust transparency of the app’s window, so there are some interesting ways to set-up how this app presents itself.

When it comes to functionality, Head for Facebook is able of rendering standard desktop as well as mobile version of your profile (which is the one you see on Facebook for iOS), so you can choose the one you like better. If you choose the standard desktop interface you’ll receive the complete feature set found on Facebook.com, and all of them will work seamlessly. This is probably the best side of this application, and its biggest selling point. Contrary to most similar apps, this one works perfectly and performs without any crash. I’ve tested both desktop and mobile mode, and didn’t have any problems with any of those.

The only thing that I missed when using Head for Facebook is a lack of notification support. This is something that I’d like to see in the future update.


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