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PROS: Support for the latest iOS devices. Reliable and useful product. FM/alarm/music play. CONS: iOS devices need to be bare in order to work. Medium quality sound output.

During the last couple of years it seems that iOS users gradually began switching to wireless speakers from those old-fashioned docks which were very popular for a long time. There are some good and bad sides to this, but the wireless aspect, portability, and modern design are the key features which made wireless speakers became a huge trend. Still, there are some manufacturers who are investing time and money into bringing new docks, and there’s still a part of the market interested in this product category.

In case you’ve ever searched for a dock, or if you’re generally interested in iOS-compatible accessories, than you’ve probably heard of iHome alarm dock. This is one branched product family that includes docks with alarm functionality. iHome is one of those manufacturers who still believe in docks, and even today polishes its product lineup and presents new generation ever year. In this article we are going to take a look at their newest product, named iDL100, which turns out to be the successor of iDL99 which was released in 2012. The iDL100 is priced at $150 and it is still an alarm dock which holds two iOS devices, but now connects via Lightning port.

iDL100 2

By looking at it, you probably won’t notice many differences between iDL100 and its previous generation. iHome was actually polishing a sense of aesthetics throughout the years, so iDL100 comes with a standard design. On the top you’ll find two Lighting plugs, one designed for a smaller iOS device like iPhone and iPod, while the other plug can be used by an iPad. There’s also an array of standard buttons which are pretty much identical to previous generation, and they offer alarm, clock, and dock controls. Besides using FM/USB/Dock 1 and 2 input buttons, you’ll find buttons for setting up alarms, presets, and an equalizer button.

The front side of the iDL100 features a large screen which shows date and time, as well as some other helpful info. There are also two speakers. The rear side features a power adapter and aux-in port. There’s also USB port so you can use an additional device to play music and connect with your iHome dock.

When it comes to audio performance, you can expect a standard quality for a medium priced product. There are two midrange drivers which also feature enough bass to bring some depth. Equalizers also bring some enhancement, so you can adjust treble and bass levels. Also, the highest volume is just enough for a medium-sized room, and even the highest volume won’t show noticeable distortion. After all, iHome had several years to improve their alarm docks and refine the sound, so the iDL100 brings just enough quality for its price.

The main problem with iDL100 are those standard Lightning plugs. As you can expect, those plugs support only case-free iOS devices, and that’s something that most Lightning plug equipped accessories are dealing with. This can be a problem for some, since it’s estimated that 80% of iPhone owners use cases. This is not a problem made by iHome design, but an issue with the standardized Lightning plugs.


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