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PROS: Offers high capacitive battery. Quality made. Affordable. CONS: Takes a lot of time to fully charge. Adds significant bulk and weight.

With each new day it seems that designers are trying to come up with more and more unusual ideas which are turned into unique products. The market for iPad-compatible accessories is incredibly large, so many manufacturers are trying to get into this race and achieve some profit. As always, competition is producing incredible range of accessories so today you can find numerous types and hybrids of iPad cases. There are those standard and traditional cases which come in different sizes, materials, and shapes. There are also folio cases which can also serve as a stand, and even those which include a wireless keyboard.

In today’s article we are going to show you a new type of iPad case, the one which includes additional battery able to double the battery life of your tablet. This product is called Justin Case, and it’s made by Innovative Technology. These are several editions of this case, and we are going to review its Ultra-Slim edition.

Justin Case 3

As we said in the previous paragraph, Justin Case comes with additional rechargeable battery which is completely hidden inside this case. This is actually a folio style case, which means that it completely surrounds your tablet and comes with a cover. In other words, once you place your tablet into it, it should resemble a notebook with a hard cover. This product can be used with iPad 2, 3, and 4, and it’s currently priced at $70.

First, a few words about design. As you can see from the pictures, Justin Case is made of leather, synthetic in this case. It doesn’t feel premium, but it doesn’t feel cheap either. On a scale of quality this product could be medium high, meaning that it looks really nice once you purchase it, but it will show signs of age and wear pretty soon. Of course, this depends on how much you take care of it and how you handle this case.

Justin Case 2

When it comes to protection, this case is doing a good job. It covers your tablet from all sides, and keeps all ports protected too. It comes with a handle on its back, so it could be used as a firm stand as well. When not in use, there’s a loop and flap on the front which keep all parts of this case tightly connected.

This case also provides you with 11,600 mAh battery. This is high capacitive battery, able to fully recharge the newest generation iPad, meaning it could double its usage time. This battery is actually independent, and it’s hidden inside the cover. There’s the USB port used to connect with your iPad (and you can recharge your iPhone as well) and you’ll receive AC adapter as well. On the inside of the cover you can find four LED lights, which signalize how much juice there’s left.

Even though it offers great protection and high capacitive battery, there are some tradeoffs which are made in order for this combination to work. Justin Case adds a lot of bulk and additional weight to your tablet, so you’ll feel like you’re carrying a small notebook at all times. Also, it needs 14 hours to be fully charged, which is really a lot of time. For example, the newest iPad comes with the same battery capacity, and needs 5 to 6 hours to be fully charged. On the other hand, this case is priced at $70, so some compromises needed to be made in order to make this product affordable.


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