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PROS: Nicely designed. Reliable protection. Long battery life. CONS: Noticeable design compromises. Needs time to adjust and learn how to use it.

When choosing a new case for your iPad mini, which also includes a wireless keyboard, there are some choices that need to be made right from the start. No matter how many products you try to find, you’ll see that all those iPad mini-compatible keyboards are fairly small and cramped, meaning that you’ll find them uncomfortable or simply unusual to use. But that’s only one of many compromises that designers and manufacturers need to make in order to create a product made to fit tablet of this small size. That’s why some manufacturers try to offer cases with extra strong protection, while others focus on avoiding additional weight and bulk, and there are also those who try to make their wireless keyboards as functional as possible. You simple have to decide which one of these aspects should be primary, and go with that decision.

In today’s article we’ll introduce you to one of the newest Kensington products, and that’s the KeyFolio Thin protective cover, made for iPad mini. This is a case which also comes with a wireless keyboard, and it’s currently priced at $80. In terms of price this sounds like a good deal, so let’s see what features you will get and which compromises were made during a design process.

KeyFolio Thin 2

Just like most other Kensington products, KeyFolio Thin is made of sturdy and quality materials. On the back you’ll find a plastic case into which you’ll need to place your tablet, which fits nicely. It actually doesn’t add a lot of bulk, and it seems that it offers reliable protection from any serious damages in case you accidentally drop your iPad mini. It’s certainly not one of the best cases that I’ve had a chance of reviewing, but for its price it’s reliable enough and quality made as well.

The other part of the KeyFolio Thin case is a wireless keyboard which is connected to a cradle which holds the tablet via flexible plastic stip. You’ll get to choose from several available viewing angles, and once you find the most comfortable one you can recline the strip and everything will stay in its place. In terms of usability, this keyboard won’t leave you thrilled, but it won’t disappoint either. It will take some time to learn how to fully utilize it and to adjust to some changes like non-traditional key position. A good news is that once you get a little practice you’ll be able to use this keyboard almost like the traditional one, and you’ll get 110 hours of active battery time.

There are also some aspects that I didn’t like about this product, like glossy finish that easily attracts smudges and fingerprints. Also, there’s no magnet support, and there’s a physical on/off switch which means that this keyboard is completely independent and needs input every time it needs to be used.

In case you plan on using a keyboard extensively and on a daily basis, than I am not sure that I would recommend this product. For this price there are some more functional and practical keyboards. Also I guess that this product will works just fine for an average user who doesn’t spend a lot of time in front of their iPads.


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