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PROS: Interesting design. Quality made. Offers great protection. CONS: A bit overpriced.

LEGO Builder Case 1When it comes to choosing a new case for your iPhone, this is not an easy task these days. The choice is incredibly large, and you can find cases made of all kinds of materials, and they all feature different designs. In order to stand out, some case manufacturers are focusing only on design and use premium grade materials, while other choose to focus on a protection role and they create cases which are not as elegant but which provide incredible protection from all external elements.

In this article you’ll get a chance to read about a very interesting case, which certainly stands out from the rest. It’s made by Belkin, which is a well-known manufacturer of Apple-compatible accessories, which partnered with LEGO in order to offer something new and different. This case is called LEGO Builder Case, and it’s made for LEGO enthusiasts and those who’d like to wake up their inner child.

When you find yourself in a shop looking for a new case your eyes are certainly going to stop on LEGO Builder Case because of its large packaging. Playful colors of the packaging match interesting color combination of the product, and create a very interesting visual experience. The case comes in three possible color combinations: a red plastic frame with a yellow back, a blue frame with purple back, and a blue frame with a black back. Continue reading to see how this case looks like and if it’s worth its price of $40.

LEGO Builder Case 3

Once I’ve taken it out of its packaging, I was surprised by how firm and quality made this case is. It certainly features interesting design, but it also completely fulfills its protective role. Looking at its front side you’ll notice that the case has a lip around the edges, so it protects the screen up to some point. It’s also important to note that buttons of your phone will also receive protection, and that the only area left exposed is the bottom part of the iPhone. I don’t see why this part was left completely exposed to dirt and scratches, since I assume that some kind of grille could be made in order to protect this part of phone and still get connection with the Lightning port. In general I am satisfied with the level of protection this case offers, and I assume most people will share my opinion.

Besides playful colors you’ll be able to tell that this case has something to do with LEGO by looking at its back. This is where you can find the plate made of grid of studs onto which you can place your own creations. You won’t receive any LEGO blocks in order to start building, so you’ll need to check your own LEGO collection.

The LEGO Builder Case looks childish and maybe even a bit immature, but this is one serious case. It offers great protection and certainly captures attention of other people, so I assume that there are specific target groups which are going to be thrilled about this product.


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