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PROS: Simple to use. Brings lots of tweaks and fine-tuning. CONS: Takes time to apply every single change. No restore feature.

The one thing that I always hear for Mac users, who switched over from Windows, is that System Preferences in OS X can’t really make a real difference and it lacks that kind of detailed personalization that those users would really like to see. If you’re a long-term Mac users, you haven’t probably noticed that, but those users who switched over are always in need to control each aspect of OS X and to find its “hidden features”.

For those who like to play around with various OS X parameters and looks, there is a number of applications which allow just that. These applications are mostly free, or cost only a few dollars, and they tend to bring lots of fine-tuning and tweaking in one central hub. On the other hand, you should be careful in case you plan to tweak OS X, and you should apply only one by one change. These tweaks can dig deep into a system, and make it unstable, so beware.

MacUtil 1

In this article we are going to tell about an application called MacUtil, which can be used to tweak some options and looks of OS X. It is completely free to download and use.

MacUtil is a small app which brings simple and intuitive interface, so even unexperienced users will easily figure it out. Tweaks are separated into four tabs: Dock, Finder, User Interface, and Misc. Now let’s see what kind of tweaks can be found and how useful this app actually is.

Tweaks found in the Dock tab are able to change its appearance and bring out some hidden features. Probably the most prominent tweak is switching from 3D to 2D looks, which many users will appreciate. You can also bring out a recent apps stack, add separators to split groups of icons, or add a separator to organize documents. Some tweaks are really helpful and they can make a real change in your everyday computing.

MacUtil 2

The Finder tab can shut down some small annoyances like disabling warnings for some actions, and can make Finder able to quit, or change some other default actions.

User Interface and Misc bring over 20 tweaks which you can turn on/off, or set a numerical values for durations of animations for example.

What’s different with MacUtil, in comparison to other similar apps, it that this app will automatically apply an action once you enable it. This means that you can’t turn on several tweaks and hit OK button (which doesn’t exist) to apply them. Instead, MacUtil will take no time to enable each tweak you turn on, and to disable it once you turn it off. Also, I would like to have a feature which restores all tweaks to their original state, in case of a problem of in case you forgot which tweaks you’ve modified.

In general, MacUtil can be useful in many situations. There are some annoyances and some missed features which are essential for this type of app, which lowers MacUtil’s overall usability.


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